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Shanghai is secondhand room market did not depreciate apparently evidence resale
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Section hind returns countryside crowd and student enter a school, drive Shanghai housing to rent demand to increase considerably, add go upstairs the not affirmatory effect that city adjusting control brings, resale of source of room of much trade chief commander is hire, make the near future market that rent presents a supply and demand two flourishing.

The feedback circumstance of inn of door of real estate of Shanghai beautiful couplet shows, the client after the section comes to reach the belt that rent to see a quantity increase apparently, overall annulus is compared rise 3 into above, the market of whole that rent clinchs a deal the quantity also had larger to the limit of one's capacity in January relatively, property of of all kinds class is rented clinch a deal force is very active. Although market of Shanghai whole estate turns cold, clinch a deal low fan, but current and secondhand room market still did not appear to depreciate apparently evidence. A lot of owner think with past experience, building city will be progressively get warm again after a cold spell. Below this kind of circumstance, resale of source of room of at hand of chief commander of one part course of study is hire. Place produces willow of director of rainbow mouth district to express in, source of the near future room that rent hangs out his shingle the volume is swelled in 15% the left and right sides, among them resale of source of one part room is hire.

And the report of beautiful couplet also shows, high end rents a respect, for instance ancient north, Home Xu is collected board piece, landlord passed the adjusting control of a series of policy, state of mind of cherish carry out is weighed gradually, so these board piece the grow in quantity of the v/arc sale at reduced prices that rent of source of of all kinds room.