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Shenyang house price rose compared to the same period last year 4.97% foreigner
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In Shenyang estate revealed Fair to go up Autumn 2007, group do to just yield benefit sales promotion with what develop business, let Shenyang science palace can exhibit the citizen that before was being swarmed inside the center, will buy a house. Among them in small family bridal chamber is very popular. CFP is offerred pursue

Secondhand the residence all price rises 11.14% compared to the same period, commodity house is sold all valence is 3382 yuan / square metre, suburb of Shenyang town house is changed quickly, foreigner is bought 3 into bridal chamber, in small family still very popular.

Statistic of branch of Shenyang city house property, 2007, the commodity house of Shenyang is sold all valence is 3382 yuan / square metre, grow 4.97 % compared to the same period, secondhand the residence all price rises 11.14 % compared to the same period.

Yesterday, shenyang city is built appoint the overall analysis report that published Shenyang estate market to developed last year, among them commodity house is sold all valence is 3565 yuan / square metre, went up than 2006 145 yuan / square metre, secondhand room all price rises 11.96 % compared to the same period. Relevant data makes clear, integrated index platoon is in the estate of Shenyang the first place of 15 deputy provincial towns of countrywide.

Upsurge all the way with the urban house price such as Shenzhen photograph comparing, although Shenyang house price rises a pressure is greater, but still compare the throughout the country 70 big in index of urban house sale price is low 1.5 percent. It is in 15 deputy provincial towns of countrywide, the house price of Shenyang only prep above Harbin, Changchun and Xi'an, the row is reciprocal the 4th. But the estate development investment of Shenyang is next to Chengdu platoon to be in the 2nd however; Area of commodity house sale also is discharged only after Guangzhou, Chengdu, report analysis, by house price aggregate index is evaluated, shenyang and Chengdu are paratactic the first, commodity house price still is in the good state that runs smoothly, remain one of the whole nation's best estate markets at present.

Foreigner is bought 3 into the room

2007, the foreigner scale that buys a house in Shenyang rises somewhat again. Statistical data makes clear, according to Shenyang this city population and nonlocal dweller undertake classified, with foreigner bought room scale to be compared for 26.88 % photograph in Shenyang 2006, 2007 this arrives according to rising 31.2 % , those who occupy Shenyang whole town to buy room gross 3 into above. "This explains, the estate market with at present good Shenyang has very big appeal to foreigner. " one real-estate expert says Shenyang.
Residential suburb is changed quickly

2007 in the land of sell one's own things, most plot is in department of urban and rural union, annual opens Lou Panzhong newly to 9 is in into above beyond 2 annulus, and the development construction that these plot majority use at general goods room.
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