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Day of Shanghai bridal chamber clinchs a deal volume yesterday breaks through 10
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Up to last night 8 when, shanghai government estate trades website " net main rooms is landed " on, clinch a deal data decides case to be in 1024, market of Shanghai bridal chamber trades since the Spring Festival the quantity stands in 1000 above first. Reside Fu Qi of landed academy analyst easily to express, although weigh on 1000 to return very difficult definition at present, but clinch a deal from recent building city in light of, evidence of market get warm again after a cold spell has been compared apparent.

Day clinchs a deal the quantity breaks through 1000

Data of the estate on the net shows, one day clinched a deal yesterday bridal chamber 1024, clinch a deal area one hundred and five thousand three hundred square metre. Among them, the residence clinchs a deal 820, occupy assembly to hand in the 80 % above of the quantity. Become from a day when new Pan Richeng hands in a quantity to break through 1000 first since the Spring Festival this year.

The to the limit of one's capacity yesterday clinchs a deal as a result of,be not new dish appear on the market be caused. The statistic of real estate of net main rooms shows, open room source newly yesterday to add up to 4 open quotation are unit, roll out 9 flatlet source only, area 2565.58 square metre.

Reside Fu Qi of landed academy analyst easily to express, the situation after the data of odd simple day can not is opposite make judgement, odd-numbered days has clinched a deal 1000 have the blame marketability such as house of commodity of many form a complete set very likely to pledge housing centers be caused by.

The data that decision-making advisory system provides CRIC China estate shows, 3 weeks of in the past in, shanghai is added newly supply and clinch a deal the capacity presents ascendant state. 3 weeks of bridal chamber clinch a deal the quantity is 135 thousand square metre, 138 thousand square metre is mixed respectively 169 thousand square metre. And residential supply also begins to the limit of one's capacity, a week that just goes (on March 12 - 17 days) new open quotation 15 projects add up to rolled out 1394, odd week supplies an area 197 thousand square metre, annulus comparing increased 21 thousand square metre, amplitude is 11.9% . From push dish of rhythm to tell, many development business chooses to be in by March at the beginning of April roll out new dish, predicting supply will rise again in the near future.

The market shows state of get warm again after a cold spell

Fu Qi tells a reporter, from in the past the building city data of a few chapels looks, the market clinchs a deal to had shown the state of get warm again after a cold spell. Fu Qi expresses, from clinch a deal in light of, the person that buy a house is awaiting high grade, the room source wait for one's chance that suits oneself enters town. Actually, from concrete floor dish in light of, the room cause with better, good quality sells the position very quickly still.
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