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Rat only autograph of 4 bridal chamber is made an appointment with the Spring Fe
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Although Xu collects new city 3 period wait for a batch " rat year the first dish " building dish roll out, but after appearing on the market however succeed is lack of power. Yesterday is the first day going to work after the section, information of the estate on the net shows, room of this city skill signed about 286 yesterday, did not reach section the day before yesterday all 300 - 800 clinch a deal quantity. As we have learned, after the section Feburary of open quotation bigger new dish, the Xu that is located in Xu Hui only collects new city 3 period, Chang Xin garden of Min Hang, fine decided fine city 3 period He Qingpu the partial residence such as Xi Jingming garden. The market analyses a personage to say, the tradition that Spring Festival around is building city is off-season, but this year off-season weaker than in former years, behave not only clinching a deal on the quantity, still behave the wait-and-see attitude in people more more intense than in former years, because this predicts,have the case that rebounds considerably after section of similar in former years very hard.

Because estate of each area county trades,arrive at the beginning of the center first 3 rest, on Feburary 10 (first 4) the first after becoming the Spring Festival to restore to trade trades day, nevertheless this trades the first times after the section of day trade very insipid however, full only 4 residences autograph makes an appointment with a day of whole town, clinch a deal area 442 square metre, since achieving a few months, day clinchs a deal quantity nadir. The personage inside course of study expresses, what this still may be enmeshed in the festival to go close to visit friend with people is lively in, be too busy attend to buys a room to concern.

Be in later on Feburary 11, on Feburary 12, of commodity house clinch a deal the quantity begins to rise slowly, clinch a deal respectively 14 mix 53. Be worth what carry will be on Feburary 12 (first 6) , the festival has a holiday the last day, although whole town just clinchs a deal 53, but among them the static odd-numbered days that bring a district clinchs a deal 24, broke downtown all the time since " icebound " condition.

As we have learned, the bridal chamber of downtown region is supplied do not follow to go up, increase main rooms price taller, bring about the person that buy a house to deliver the view directly to the area outside outer shroud is being reached between annulus of China and foreign countries. Because this enters New Year hind, of Shanghai commodity house clinch a deal mix between the outer shroud in measuring main concentration to be in beyond outer shroud line. Huang Pu, static the day that how waits for downtown region clinchs a deal the quantity often is " digit " , lu bay area is more successive many days 20 " 0 clinch a deal " . Static on Feburary 12 bring a district clinch a deal to the limit of one's capacity indicates downtown position value of good, room is relative slightly tall, but the front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of drive of such as gentleman small family that roll out look that still can draw many person that buy a house.
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