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Arrive from 2004 2007, annual Feburary clinch a deal the quantity is the weakest in a year. Compare with photograph of in former years nevertheless, this year of the Spring Festival clinch a deal more " weak " . Zhang Yi pine tells analyst of research center of easy house estate the reporter, will arrive on Feburary 16 last year on Feburary 22 (good year 29 to first 5) this city clinchs a deal the residence 162, now year the corresponding period (will arrive on Feburary 5 on Feburary 11) , this number declines 55, have 1/3 the section is medium last year only. Investigate its reason, because go to city of building of the end of the year " inflection point is talked " influence, the psychology that people drops to house price anticipates more than be being gotten strongly before, reason is wait-and-see person still amount to is not little, of house of the commodity after predicting section clinch a deal the quantity has big growth hard also. Real estate of Shanghai Central Plains tells a reporter about the personage, with the year before last year the residence March clinched a deal last year quantity, double will be Feburary almost, but won't appear possibly this year such " rebound " , the residence after the section clinchs a deal the quantity can be shown slightly lack of power, before extent also won't have two years so big.

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