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Commodity house is not climbed to fall to be not worn quite on cheap hires layer
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Build ministry minister Wang Guangdao to point out recently, 2008, in house price taller, go up faster big in city, answer hard to help medium income family solve housing problem. This is meant, after our country government sector is emphasizing ensuring problem of housing of low income family, in beginning to consider family of will medium income to also bring into governmental housing to guarantee program range, come.

Actually, no matter be a developing country,be being returned is a developed country on international, medium income family always holds social great majority. On housing problem, each country is faced with same a difficult problem: While the person that ensure low income has cheap to rent a house, a large number of medium income person the condition that insufficient cheap rents a house, and face commodity house to bear not to rise again, they are called " sandwich estate " or " with filling layer " . This problem caused each country to take seriously, go out in succession action solve.

[the United States] the person that loan buys room comparing not to lend money is little pay tax

The expectation cost that work of income family opposite waits for in the United States is not quite high. Face the life, also be left hand goes out into money the right-hand side almost, put a few no less than money, wanting to buy a house is extremely difficult. To this, the United States established interest of the loan that buy a house to avoid tax law federally, pay accrual to regard as leasehold place namely decrease tax is big, so loan buys the person of the room to pay tax lesser than renting the person of money instead. This not high to income labour salary is a not small privilege for estate.

Be in Newyork city, from on the century was passed since 70 time 421 - A builds a room to reduce tax plan, plan by this city municipal government namely, attract construction business to transform new York old the city zone, build the residential building that can live for the new York person of medium income. Add this one plan, construction business obtains the landed duty immunity that arrives 10 years 15 years, help them call in at an early date on one hand construction cost, also controlled these houses on the other hand rental or sale price, make the middle class can afford. This plan is carried out come for years, achievement is quite outstanding. Only 2006, favourable taxation amounts to 400 million dollar.

The government sends 5000 dollars great gift package

In California city, if buy a house person burden not at first pays, still can apply for to aid financially to state government. State government will provide the subsidy that is 5000 dollars at most. This money is state government it seems that " case gift " , the person that need not buy a house repays. Only requirement is, the ability after expiring 5 years with the house that this money buys appears on the market sell, this is to prevent some people to use almsdeed ill will of the government to fry a room. Other state also in succession follow the lead of this measure.
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