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The do sth without authorization that rent a house " live transform business " l
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After renting a house, do sth without authorization turns the house into the public house, landlord is terminable contract, call in building. Management board of house property of the Chengdu City came on stage a few days ago " the opinion that uses safety administration about strengthening a building further " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) , demand letter ought to lawfully, supervise according to what the contract that rent strengthens rental building to use a case, discover tenant has do sth without authorization to be residential change the management sex such as meal, hotel, production, office, storeroom to use or use a building to have the action of illegal break a contact such as illegal activity with the room, lessor can terminate the contract that rent, call in building, ought to report in time to relevant administration department. This opinion is current already municipal government legal system does examine, register put on record.

" opinion " requirement, owner, use person ought to according to law, code policy and the regulation that administer stipulations of an agreement are used correctly have a share only, between toilet of instead of balcony of the person that do not get the room occasional that will do not have waterproof function, kitchen. Alter room of toilet, hutch is waterproof of the layer, ought to make the programme of construction according to relevant provision and waterproof standard, do the test that shut water. Classics owner congress decides or relevant owner agrees, use property to share what manage partly, do not get the security that endangers a building, must not affect a building to reach its to be used of accessary facilities facilities normally, do not get the legitimate rights and interests that injures owner, use person. The building is rented ought to accord with relevant law, code the regulation of policy, every classics is put in the dangerous building of safe hidden trouble about orgnaization appraisal, must not rent.