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House price buys room marriage not within the foreseeable future too high to hir
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Own a building that belongs to oneself, build the love nest of a sweet sweetness, it is the dream of each pairs of accurate people of a new type that are about to enter marital hall. But the house price that nowadays house does not leave high, let most accurate new personality hope the room is promoted however sigh. Do not want to increase parental burden, unwilling the date that has shifted live frugally to return a house, then one part allowed new personality to choose to hire a room to marry. The reporter visited a few houses of Tianjin town to rent an orgnaization with respect to this one problem, undertook investigating through Internet.

Hire room marriage to show body ferry door sadly

The cropland gentleman that comes from Hunan this year 29 years old, he and cummer are in respectively south open area and river the area goes to work on the west, lunar income adds up in all more than yuan 5000, two people have tens of thousands of yuan stockpile each. As a result of house price interest rate of exorbitant, loan go up again and again tone, the decision after cropland gentleman and cummer discuss hires room marriage first, the hand medium saving uses investment, the house is bought again after waiting for the economic base with had certain. Cropland gentleman calculated brushstroke Zhang, buy in the suburb although the room is low-cost, but two people go to work no-go, if in the urban district loan buys the commodity house that a 70 square metre control, head pay add every months to pay a month to offer, apparent meeting makes domestic spending very constraint henceforth, still decide finally to hire a room to marry so.

The reporter concerns the discovery when be being investigated related community in statistic, nearly 7 state into the netizen oneself won't choose to hire room marriage; Two express to suffer economic condition limitation to be able to hire room marriage temporarily into the netizen, but the house that oneself must buy inside 9 years; The netizen that becomes more than can choose chicly to hire room marriage, the house is bought again after price waiting for a room falls or having particular economic actual strength. Visible, the tall house price nowadays is affecting the marriage room that changing young person of of the right age even to watch sadly. Exist as a result of orientaton of economic capacity, value and thinking means difference, a few people in them had transformed stage by stage idea with period more get used to social reality.

I love me the statistical data October indicates company of the domestic building displacement that rent this year, the condition that hires room marriage occupies this company month to clinch a deal only of the quantity 3% the left and right sides. To this, eaves highs praedial professional personage thinks, tianjin is the city with very rich culture of a folk-custom, in the idea of Tianjin person, the building that owns oneself is the mark that settle down and get on with one's pursuit, the Tianjin person with local born and bred great majority holds " blame not to buy " , " not to have a room not the idea of marriage " . Actually, current in light of the situation of market of house of this city commodity, hiring room marriage is a kind of choice that worth while guiding and encourages, but should make citizens true accept this kind of means to still need period of time. So, from the point of the traditional idea of Tianjin person and habits and customs, at present this city has a small number of people to choose to hire room marriage to also be in reason only.
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