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The market: Pi kang reason kisses living view of citizen of muching? Beijing to
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Came 100000, stable to oneself house was being had for the Chinese, so, wanted to have money only, what average person thinks of first most is the house that buys to belong to his. As the development of economy and society, this kind of idea is being changed sadly.

The Wang Yu that works in Beijing plans to will marry March this year. They were taken a fancy to on the west of a outside 4 annulus 97 square metre new two bedrooms, price of every square metre is 1 . 410 thousand yuan or so, entire section is 1.37 million yuan about, head pay 30 % need 410 thousand multivariate, borrow money 30 years every months to must return 5484 yuan in installment, and income of two people month adds up ability is controlled 10 thousand yuan, paid borrow money in installment, the life is not bounteous.

Then, two people decide to look for the village with a good environment to hire a room to live, every months of hire is a two bedrooms about 3000 yuan, still discharged head pay fund, at ordinary times the life won't suffer how old influence. "House price house does not fall high, so, do not eliminate us this all one's life hires a room to live. " Wang Yu says.

As we have learned, the youth that plans to hire a room for a long time to live so is absent a few, living view is in the Chinese's tradition to produce a change sadly. In Yi An (Beijing) estate assures Xu Donghua of chief inspector of limited company market thinks, this kind of idea still is in budding condition at present, but be accepted by more and more person place, especially more and more youths do not wish to be reduced to buy a house " Fang Nu " .

But, xu Donghua says, renting a house is a kind of real consumption action, either long plan. Additional, estate spec phenomenon is serious now, a lot of people bought a room to think short-term inside skill gains profit, cause the pain that the person that hire must bear to move often, this also goes against development of the market that rent a house.

"The group that regards investment as in order to rent behavior means only was formed, can provide stability, when the room source that can live for a long time, the Lv of talent unified exam that rents a house is hired for a long time, the formation of the estate that rent a house will need a very long process. " Xu Donghua says.