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Remember to remind the rent for a family rental registration
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When "renting door" urban population has become a way of accommodation options, many people ignored the time after the signing of the lease contract to the real estate department for registration procedures link. September 5, Shenyang City Council the authority interpretation rental property registration need to remind the public to apply for registration should be renting, which would effectively protect the legitimate interests of the lessee.

Given priority to buy renters

Responsible person housing sector, tenants sign a written contract with the lessor, after specifying the rights and obligations, real estate management departments should be registration, real estate sector will be issued a "rental permit", it will be legal and valid lease act certificate. "Rental permit" not only for accounts can be used as proof of registration or temporary residence permit, but also more clearly the effectiveness against third persons, to ensure the "lessee priority", "title to rent and do not break" the implementation of such rights.

"Lessee priority" What will benefit renters do? Experts said, according to the interpretation of the law, "priority" refers to the order of priority in the purchase, for a limited period of time, natural or legal person under the same conditions , the seller purchased the property before the rights of others. This means that the lessor sells the leased property should be within a reasonable period before the sale, notify the lessee and the lessee enjoys the right of priority to buy the same conditions.

Experts stressed that if the lessor, the lessee without the knowledge of the housing sold will depend on the lessor fails to fulfill this obligation, even if he has houses to sell, through the legal process, the contract for the sale is invalid. Therefore, in the process of registration after the rent, the lessee will be entitled to priority is to maintain a strong proof.

Homeowners have the right to renew the substitutions

Registration for rent another big advantage is that "ownership to rent and not broken," the right. Experts interpreted, under the law, during the existence of the lease, even if the lessor will lease to a third party, the lease does not have any effect relationship, the buyer can not lease its owner has become the ground denied the existence of the relationship between the original lease and require the lessee to return the leased property. This means that housing in the lease period, the owner has the right to sell the house, but the house of the assignee must be completed to fulfill the original lease contract. Housing Housing is not equal to the original sale of the lease contract came to an end.

Expert warns that many people in the rental period, because the house was sold, the rental contract has not expired will be required to move out, this, the tenants should protect their own rights, have the right to the end of the contract is not to leave, but also have the right renewal. If the assignee of the new owners of housing for the tenants as requested by the tenants can prove that the content through the registration lease contract valid, and the use of legal weapons to safeguard their rights.