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Rent and buy hundreds at the New Deal which cost in the end
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Abstract: National Bureau of Statistics latest figures show that housing sales prices in Shenyang rose for three consecutive months down the chain, the chain in May rose 1.2%, June 0.6% July 0.4%.

National Bureau of Statistics latest figures show that housing sales prices in Shenyang rose for three consecutive months down the chain, the chain in May rose 1.2%, June 0.6% July 0.4%.

Some analysts believe that housing prices in Shenyang chain fluctuations, is the impact of the New Deal regulatory policies over a hundred began to appear in future results. In such circumstances, there are many buyers who would rather rigid demand and even buy a house rental is not even been dubbed "a house, eliminating a middle class." Under current market conditions, in the end is the rental cost or the cost to buy a house, this issue, the reporter specifically invited developers, financial planner to help home buyers Counting account.

When the shot from the live long do not hesitate

We are accustomed to first-time buyers or customers own homes as rigid demand customers, but the rigid demand for very many customers, such as customers choose marriage room, the field settled customers, long-term residential clients. Different customers, buy a house and renting the meaning is different.

For long-term clients own homes, is right to buy a house or renting the right, the answer is obvious, it must be right to buy a house. First, the introduction of any policy the country, are relatively rigid protection of the real needs of customers and clients first time home buyers. Second, no matter which area, and now the normal amount of mortgage loan (loan time by 20 to 30 year), with similar housing rents similar. It can be seen, although the down payment to buy a house and decoration to pay certain fees, but in the end have their own fixed assets, which also meet the people "have a room that is home to" the traditional view is that rent can not be compared.

As for the "buy a house than renting," the idea is in fact the real estate market prices in Shenyang have no confidence in the performance of future trends. Harbor such ideas, not want to buy a house, but rather to rent, and then find the right opportunity and then shot, the more rational. As a short-term customers from live, often with the concept of investment, these customers need the actual situation according to their own judgments. "Buy lose the" this issue, in fact, appears only on the investor group. Imagine, if you buy a house is for residential customers, and the demand is rigid, then this house may be the next turn in the current decade or longer, then the price to, no one can estimate be. Temporary short-term fluctuations, in fact, demand for the customer in terms of rigidity is not much affected, even to the wards, then under the influence of the big market, all the houses at the same level did not increase the so-called "pay" concept. So the real needs of customers are rigid, do not buy too much about timing as housing prices in Shenyang will be no major objective for the decline, and scarce resources such as real estate products and is not renewable, see really suitable house to be shot.

Buy a home is more stable than other investments

For prices in Shenyang, the current and first-tier cities Beijing, Shanghai still lags far behind, and did not reach, "sales and leasing than the" gap between the very large proportions. Especially for the Liaoning Province, Shenyang, the capital city, now the price to more than any other city still at a relatively reasonable range.

Moreover, in the future in accordance with the overall development of Shenyang City Planning in the future, will reach one million population, so it will have more foreign population to the home. Recently the intention of favorably products customers world situation analysis, the majority of rigid demand, or because the improvement of living conditions of urgent need to improve housing quality to consumers. Consumer demand for this type of relative urgency of the house, basically in the 3 months to six months will be about the housing lock.

Of course, we can not deny that some consumers intend to rent, but from the relatively stable prices in Shenyang and the current momentum of rapid increase the degree of post-term, even if the previous rent of consumers intend to always adhere to this idea is difficult. And, as long as they got enough down payment, you want the possibility of home ownership is very high.

Customers through our intention to analyze the consumers are generally required to balance home and appreciation of both owner-occupied, it is inevitable in the future to the second home, first time home buyers housing appreciation also provided funds to buy a house later. Moreover, home buyers buy a house now than the stock or futures investment must be a number of relatively safe.

The more investment in real estate is not reasonable

Actually talk to the real estate investment easy to see both sides, the house is bought live in the end, or spread or room for investment to earn interest; house is part of the house, if it is bought live, in any case this idea can not be overstated; house appreciates, if they live comfortably, do not think to make the difference; If you want to use the house to make the difference, you have to think about their own vision and conditions have a share of stock speculators have a special house and many collectibles, even though almost no any entry fees, but the same as playing cards, learning is easy, but it does not mean that will be "winning."

Asset allocation from the family point of view, real estate is real estate, in most cases with a store of value, but the proportion of not more than half of total assets; property realized a lot of trouble, eager to spend money without severely beat several discount, it is difficult shots; other , the same vacant rental risk, as well as gas, water, electricity, heating costs, property fees and so the pressure; real estate sub-land and on the ground floor (including reinforced concrete, green property developer profits taxes, etc.), from the house made a good first day, is the devaluation of the real value of the land; often seen in the market, the regulation of real estate-related news, in fact, most of which are not too rigid demand for family relations, modern terms, how much have the house to some extent represents the owners of wealth, but this is not necessarily a rational allocation of financial means.

Asset structure of an ordinary family, almost from the house, insurance, banking and fund composed of the four samples. Which should have, but which also have said how much; the house more, backward flow, and risk; Insurance over the balance of the backward, the same risk; bank savings more, profitability to worse, bear the greatest risk; fund more risk naturally big; have the best, but pay attention to the balanced distribution of proportion.