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In disappear assist comment on company of property of clause of 10 big Xiang Yu
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In disappear assist announced yesterday " 2004 year clause of format of 10 big imparity " : "This inn (bazaar) have final explanation to counterpoise to content of sales promotion activity " wait for 10 clauses to get the accord of consumer " odium " , involve service of insurance of house of telegraphic service, commodity and property, finance, bazaar, cable television to wait for a domain.   

Commodity house and property manage kind of    
1, hit inside the empty column that develops business to already was in this answering that decide by both sides beforehand " × " , prohibit consumer preference.  

Comment on: Prohibit consumer preference, stripped actually consumer is right the decision making authority of contract provision, force home remedy volition at the other side, no matter consumer agrees can passive accept, such contract violated fair principle, also break the law.  

2, commodity house " subscribe book " regulation: Armour (operator) , second (consumer) both sides does not negotiate or Party B requirement removes contract, by Party A general already of collection book gold to return Party B, press the 100% collection poundage that books gold.  

Comment on: Cannot reach unanimous opinion with respect to certain clause when both sides, and this cannot acceptability clause did not agree beforehand in make an appointment again. Right now the contract cannot hold water it is normal to should be belonged to, both sides all does not make break a promise.  

3, property government regulation: Property company binds charge of electricity of property administration fee, water collection, to rejecting the resident of pay property administration fee, property has power cut off the water supply, power failure.  

Comment on: Water, report, angry offer with using is the concern of a kind of law that forms between supplier of owner and water, report, gas, go up in this bit, owner and property company concern without any law. Accordingly, property company also has no right to carry out the cut off the water supply, power cut, action that stops gas.  

Telecommunication serves kind of  

4, telegraphic card expires remaining sum regards as " waiver " .  

Comment on: What telecommunication blocks the remaining sum inside the termination of the service after expiring and card is attributive it is two disparate concepts, the remaining sum inside card is including telegraphic operation business to had not offerred pair of price of the service, if consumer asks to return, be willing to pay certain poundage, after telegraphic operation business should deduct corresponding cost, return to still give customer, or the other plan that adopts classics consumer to agree.  

Finance is sure kind of  

5, provision of car danger provision: Insurance car produces the loss inside insurance extent of liability to ought to be in charge of compensating for by tripartite, insurant ought to to tripartite claim for compensation, if tripartite does not grant,compensate pays, insurant should to lodge a complaint or arbitration.  
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