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Accumulation fund (draft) specific accumulation fund must use 2 careful at housi
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The life has the worker of special difficulty, can pass him extraction the memory remaining sum inside account of housing accumulation fund, is those who will answer the respect such as medical treatment consumption difficult? Referred standing committee of 12 National People's Congress the 19th times yesterday the conference of 2 careful " Shanghai housing accumulation fund administers a certain number of regulations (draft) " modification draft gave out the answer: Cause domesticity difficulty to recover remaining sum of memory of him housing accumulation fund due to illness, its utility also demarcate is inside the utility limits that concerns with housing.  

Plan to relax accumulation fund of housing of condition of accumulation fund extraction serves as long-term housing store gold, its main use is the housing consumption that guarantees a worker. But this city discovers however in be run actually, the demand that a few lives have the worker of special difficulty to improve housing condition is far second what wait for a respect at medical treatment, provide for the aged is basic live demand, consequently, refer first instance of standing committee of city National People's Congress " regulation (draft) " put forward, ought to allow this part worker to recover the memory remaining sum inside account of its housing accumulation fund.  

After first instance of standing committee of National People's Congress, the pacing at the beginning of course of management center of city accumulation fund calculates, think to relax 8% what extraction quantity occupies the housing accumulation fund that extraction condition involves to put in market fund 's charge 2004 about, can bear.  

But in discussing a course, a few committee members offerred different opinion. They think, relax the formulary legislation intent that extracts condition of remaining sum of memory of individual of housing accumulation fund is good, but ought to consider a few issues at the same time, should reach existing provide for the aged, medical treatment, lowest to the system such as life safeguard poises and join with byelaw of the State Council namely, should consider to relax in the round the long-term society consequence of condition of extraction of housing accumulation fund and bear ability, and be badly off to be being caused due to illness the utility that draws housing accumulation fund, also ought to demarcate is in pay the respect such as chummage.  

Committee member of legal system of city National People's Congress thinks, relax appropriately housing accumulation fund extracts a condition, in bear reasonably in limits. But for with system of housing accumulation fund establish purpose photograph be identical, the utility demarcate that housing accumulation fund draws after the proposal will relax is inside the limits that concerns with housing.  
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