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The bank develops business to go out together new politics in mortgaging secondh
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Nanjing action travel and the Jin Feng in peace are easy house, medium recently tens of homes such as wide buy course of study are secondhand house business signs business cooperation agreement. Acceptance is these secondhand the client of room intermediary orgnaization group put pardon money admittance to reach put borrow clausal level.   

As Nanjing city secondhand the room trades of the market increasingly active. Secondhand the room trades to becoming Nanjing house property to trade stage by stage the main force of the market. In the data that publishs in bureau of Nanjing city house property, 1, secondhand Feburary the room clinchs a deal the quantity is 7119, than last year the corresponding period rose 23.8% , I love me newest statistic data shows the home, nanjing is secondhand March room source rises 116.12% , clinch a deal the volume rose only however 27.78% . This is occupied make clear, at present although amount of source of market main rooms goes up situation is swift and violent, but clinch a deal of the quantity rise very finite however, the person that sells a house is opposite more and the person that buys a house is opposite however less. Investigate its reason, secondhand the room trades market financing is difficult be firstly, the bank because its risk big, operation is complex, reason is put borrow slow, satisfy the citizen's requirement hard.   

Action travel is in this secondhand heavy fist went out on the room, be like secondhand the room borrows interest rate privilege 10% , 5 years above loan presses favourable interest rate 5.508% carry out. In the data all ready circumstance falls, go to what 2 weekday complete loan to examine and approve a program commonly; The fee that borrower pays is small, loan procedures does sth for sb freely by the bank, need not pay do sth for sb charge, ease the pressure of the person that buy a house.   

Particularly conspicuous is, rolled out lump-sum payment this secondhand room loan is new politics, enrol the purchaser that mortgages loan condition to its buy a building to belong to all right to offer namely buy a house with place on mortage in installment the loan of reimbursement means, loan buys room person artificially, help bargainor settle place sell the bank of the building loan first by action travel, if the house clinchs a deal,valence is 1 million, the bank is top press 70% namely 700 thousand to the person that buy a house, let buy room person to will prepare oneself 300 thousand add a bank 700 thousand give person selling a house, person selling a house can borrow money to before settle of bank general loan, the money that leave sells the earnings of the room namely actually. The safety in such assurance that buyers and sellers trades in house property, and trade to intermediary for business, credit formula satisfied room of this kind of bank to trade at the same time the financing demand of bilateral client. The quite proportional person that use what loan means makes investment to buy a house is occupied in giving those the market especially for, solved them to sell in time in prices mortgaged trouble turns when the building, make unobstructed of deal financing channel rises.
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