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Our country town tears open change taxation policy to publish fund of the compen
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500 thousand the money that tear open change buys a room to be able to save agree tax 7500 yuan of  

According to message of website of government of total bureau of national tax Wu, via approval of the State Council, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state issued an announcement recently, publish town house to tear open change to concern taxation policy.  

Announcement regulation, the fund of the compensation that tear open change that the standard that to be being torn open change person tears open change government measure to set about town house according to the country obtains, avoid impose individual income tax. Purchase housing afresh to because tear open change,tearing open change dweller, to buying a room to clinch a deal the part that fund of the compensation that tear open change is equivalent to in the price avoids the tax that sign a contract, clinch a deal the price tears open change to compensate a paragraph more than, impose agree tax to exceeding a share.  

Our country " agree tax is temporary byelaw " tax rate of formulary agree tax is 3%-5% ; The individual buys for private use average house, temporary halve imposes agree tax. At present a 500 thousand yuan housing should the agree duty of pay is: 500000 × 3 % = 15000 yuan, pay answers after halve is collected 7500 yuan. If this house is to use the 500 thousand word that the money that tear open change buys, 7500 yuan agree duty can omit.