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Development business violates compasses sales promotion " in installment head pa
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Analytic personage points out, "In installment head pay " or " 0 pay " actual it is the order form that develops business to use the person that buy a house, cover those who show a commercial bank to mortgage loan, make the scroll capital that room of by a definite date develops, this kind violates compasses operation to may bring multiple risk to the market.

Development business was rolled out recently " in installment head pay " the sales promotion method of relaxed buy course of study, to this, bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land is in " 51 " eve made stop this kind to violate compasses act, have 3 buildings dish be aimed at a paid privilege to be made stop. Market information says, in installment head encash elephant already caused a bank to superintend a branch to notice, bureau of Guangdong silver-colored inspect already began to undertake trying to find out the real intention to circumstance of loan of commercial bank housing.

Business of development of house property of Guangzhou much home rolls out privilege by April, except depreciate dozen outside folding, most those who get attention is head pay sales promotion. Have a building dish say, "51 " during buy a room to will be enjoyed " head pay avoid breath in installment " plan, also have a building dish roll out " head Fu Yicheng " privilege. Before this, the personage inside course of study points out, whether does the market appear " in installment head pay " or " 0 pay " it is boom of judgement building city according to. Once the market is small,confuse, clinch a deal not flourishing, development business can adopt this kind of privilege to stimulate consumption.

But occupy the Central Bank to set, buy first from housing and set model floor area is in under 90 square metre, loan head pays scale is not gotten under 20% ; To buying first from housing and set model floor area is in of above of 90 square metre, loan head pays to be not gotten under 30% . Pay for sb and expect to be repaid later of in advance of the person that because this is replaced by development business,buy a house head of period money " in installment head pay " or " pay 0 times " was to make a policy undoubtedly " edge ball " .

Service of intermediary of Guangzhou city estate manages institute director Shi Xiaoming to express, in installment head paying basically is buy the home to enter town to attract, alleviate sale pressure, the person that it reduces a Fu Biao to yield low income definitely also enters building town. Because ability of reimbursement of low income crowd is poor, appear probably " break for " phenomenon, increase bank risk thereby.

It is reported, spread in the market to prevent kind of similar sales promotion, when Guangzhou town house is in charge of a branch to just decide to was not formed in this kind of trend decisive keep within limits. Be in " 51 " eve, guangzhou has 3 buildings dish plan a Fu Youhui that undertake to be made stop.
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