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The Spring Festival visits his family ecbolic week rents a house agreement of th
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"One room two hall, 68 square metre, everything needed is ready of electric home appliances

Tomorrow the kin of native place people be about to come to Shanghai, just from neighbour there the Wu Ming that takes the key loosened at long last tone. And be in a few weeks before, the Wu Ming that lives in golden poplar area still is in to how find a place for kin people and vexed, came at a draught 67 people, oneself has two rooms only two hall, squeeze really no less than. This wanting that arrange kin people live restaurant, take up one's quarters of a week, say less to also get 339 yuan cost. The Wu Ming that this charge comes down surely to just was being installed is bit more really.

Accidental, wu Ming is in their village board piece a cards saw on forum, and the host of hair post is to live opposite him fitly the owner of a building, his hire a guest to just expire, return to one's native place spends the New Year. The Spring Festival is long those who rent a settle or live in a strange place is cool period, to do not let this cover 3 rooms the house sky of two hall comes down, move rose short the thought that hire. The house of 112 square metre, week hire is 1000 yuan. This price is suiting Wu Ming's purpose, at once, he gets in touch with hair post person, saw a room.

On many community forum, the circumstance of similar Wu Ming is absent a few. A lot of people begin to discuss before a few months case spend the New Year how to find a place for the kin that will visit one's family. Live in big China Miss Zhou says, before a few years, the parents of two and other kin come to their husband and wife when Shanghai plays, squeeze in them two rooms door in the house, make a bed on the floor everyday, both neither is convenient uncomfortable. She is in last month a period of ten days, the village opposite the driveway leased a building, spent 750 yuan only.

Many week rent a house is community owner between trade, be not will sign an agreement to rent a house through company of tripartite intermediary. Although intermediary cost is a province, but of brief to this kind sex rent a house, concerned branch still reminds, for bilateral interest, still had better be in tripartite place to sign to hire a contract, the finance affairs inside house makes clear in the contract, and consign cash pledge, register bilateral information. Lest subsequent needless trouble.