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Achieve brightness two housing of father Shanghai are closed down by public secu
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Achieve brightness after incident sees all media, its author Lin Fenghui is divided outside accepting some website special report long already did not appear. Eve, when he accepts phoenix to defend inspected visit, express, the lid before this has firm stamp " 21 days announce a solution " affirmatory book is lash-up lift, without the company the newspaper is approved, say to actual strength pays off money inside 2 months, will rush with individual asset otherwise touch.

"Debt was not paid off to will rush with individual asset inside two months touch "

Accepting phoenix to defend when inspecting a special interview, lin Fenghui admits the impact of macroscopical adjusting control to company outstanding achievement is very big, inn all does business income by 5, dropped many yuan more than 10000 yuan when December, this also is to achieve brightness decision " thin body " main reason, according to its statistic, at present the group still holds the branch that has 1400 or so, "Thin body " defray decreases to make an appointment with 5 million yuan in all after 400 inn.

Achieve brightness on affirmatory book ever extended to the personnel that urge a fund when a period of ten days of the middle of a month, acceptance " ... the afore-mentioned money payment before January 21, 2008 makes a plan orderly and fair show... " etc. But 21 days, achieve brightness be in only website paste an announcement, did not indicate specific reimbursement plan. To this, lin Fenghui expresses, "The affirmatory book that they write says 21 announce a solution, this considers to approve without cable company, it is they fall in the client's pressure (the view) that give out. " " additional, below the circumstance that did not reach the designated position in capital, we may not announce some day reimbursement, ... capital did not reach the designated position, everything deceives people. Everything deceives people..

When Lin Fenghui accepts a visit, express, predict to solve money problem inside 2 months, "(if) achieve brightness do no less than going to, all company debt my individual can be assumed, resemble project fund actually, settle accounts of the end of the year probably 3000 much, it is to use a few asset of my individual to rush touch... I can think method makes money again go returning these money. It is to use a few asset of my individual to rush touch... I can think method makes money again go returning these money..

It is reported, to maintain the client's interest, at present Shenzhen city public security bureau and bureau of land natural resources will been achieved brightness many yuan 6000 individual asset undertook company and Lin Fenghui value conserve. Forest say, will mix through equity financing dish of vivid asset solve a problem.

Achieve brightness Shanghai door inn only remnant does business 9 times

In the meantime, shanghai real estate department was announced the day before yesterday achieve brightness the particular case that is in Shanghai area, express, at present Shanghai puts the capital that measure a room to superintend a system -- , trade radical plan has formed platform of capital close an account, "Whole program will be formed first quarter, 2, 3 quarters are formal and pilot, year immanent whole town implementation is enclothed completely. Year immanent whole town implementation is enclothed completely..
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