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Experience loan is bad 10% secondhand the room trades to evolve to compensate fo
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It is large quantities of person that buy a house were immersed in on one hand wait-and-see, it is large quantities of business contracts go aground as a result of loan problem on the other hand. In New Year, on Shanghai secondhand room market is faced with a series of challenge. Yesterday, chief discloses to the reporter related company of broker of on Shanghai many house property, at present major bank already make known to lower levels new loan index of a year, but application room borrows bad situation and did not change. Because the bank rejected the room of the person that comparative to buy a house partly to borrow application, large quantities of secondhand house business trades interrupt.

Comparative to make issue of changeful break a contact partly

Yesterday, add up to rich buy course of study and the relevant controller with landed Central Plains to all be mirrorred to the reporter, this year since the beginning of the year, the company has quite a batch of the amount secondhand unavailable bank loan examines and approve house business through, accordingly, a lot of clinch a deal the case must suspend trading. This kind those who go aground is secondhand the room trades the case already occupied partial intermediary company to clinch a deal of gross 10% the left and right sides, the beak a contract that caused buyers and sellers compensates for dispute.

The near future of one door inn of Pudong of Central Plains real estate encountered much pen because of loan problem cannot finish trade, one client signs a contract to want to buy couplet foreign time a total prices 2.4 million yuan secondhand room. The bargainor closed head after paying before long, the person that buy a house cannot be passed by the announcement aptitude examine and verify, although increase loan interest rate, unavailable still room is borrowed, this secondhand the room trades to transform subsequently for dispute. Central Plains real estate analyses a personage to disclose to the reporter, near future company encounters what cause because of loan difficulty already often trade interrupt, to this kind of problem, the company can help the person that buy a house apply for to try loan to other bank first commonly. If the room borrows application to cannot be obtained again,approve, comparative to trade partly the contract is changed into dispute of beak a contract of house property contract likely, a few person that buy a house should undertake responsibility of breach of contract possibly accordingly.

The doorsill raises go no further of the person that make buy a house partly

Large quantities of secondhand room room borrows hard and fast backside is the bank raised a room to borrow a doorsill again, strengthened what borrow detail of examine and verify to the room to hold especially. Add up to rich buy course of study to disclose to the reporter about the personage, this year since the beginning of the year, shanghai is secondhand the application difficulty that the room buys a room to borrow money increases apparently. Amount of major bank loan decreases substantially than last year, each bank all examines client aptitude strictly, reflect the income condition of client reimbursement ability directly especially. The person that the bank still asks to buy a house provides payroll, the lunar income that the income before and rather than proves to confirm his is one times of lunar reimbursement specified amount, some banks can pass the person that buy a house to inquire its reimbursement ability in the salary account of one's own profession even. Because loan doorsill rises, the person that comparative to buy a house partly must defer to buy a house, still have quite partial contract cannot continue to carry out.
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