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Clothbound building has problem owner to be about to accuse a building very much
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"Enter, because of house quality problem, we develop business bargaining with property ceaselessly, but up-to-date problem has not been solved thoroughly, I feel this is mixed at the outset Feng Xiaogang's director is in for this house property Dai Yan is publicized piece in those who say is not quite same. " yesterday (on January 29) afternoon, the course of study that lives in castle of moon of the area that tell a state advocates the gentleman hits a phone to mirror to our newspaper, the house that buys because of him is put in quality problem, he already applied for put on record to sunny district court, want to tell Feng Xiaogang tort.

- owner: Clothbound house has many to handle an issue

Yesterday (on January 29) afternoon, reporter v/arc be on the throne saw Mr Zhang at connecting the lunar castle of state division. Mr Zhang tells a reporter, he bought this village on September 9, 2006 clothbound of a double entry builds housing, entered on November 16, 2006. "We saw Feng Xiaogang's director is this estate at that time Dai Yan's conduct propaganda piece, the living environment that also feels here is good still, bought with respect to the decision. " Mr Zhang says, but after be being entered, he discovers the building is " air conditioning design is unreasonable " , " wall ooze water " , " the floor is raised " wait for much department issue. The problem that to him domestic building is has undertaken meantime property for many times maintain, but fail to be solved thoroughly all the time. Development business promises to be in originally last year " 11 " help him change a room afterwards, did not cash again after, make him furious unceasingly.

- progress: Want to accuse spokesman Feng Xiaogang

"So, I want to uphold my right through legal approach. " Mr Zhang says, last weeks he arrives through acting lawyer put on record of sunny district court, but what your person indissolubles is, what he accuses is not development business, it is the celebrated director Feng Xiaogang of acting character of lunar river house property however. Mr Zhang tells a reporter, he thinks Feng Xiaogang's director is being publicized a medium conduct propaganda and not agree with actually, bring about its to bought a room to suffer a loss. Subsequently, the conduct propaganda that Mr Zhang still gave a reporter to see the loop inside village TV broadcast piece. The reporter sees, piece in Feng Xiaogang's director said: "I can bear the blame the ground tells you, what you see is true. " nevertheless, when reporter inquiry Mr Zhang thinks to publicize piece when content and the circumstance where that oneself encounter not agree with, mr Zhang did not make clear answer, and still tell a reporter, he also believes piece in it is true condition films.

Subsequently, whether is when buying a house, the reporter enquires Mr Zhang is in again to depend on the conduct propaganda that watched Feng Xiaogang place to do only piece and did not look when showing a house, mr Zhang states he looked to show a house, but the conduct propaganda that still holding to is Feng Dao is incendiary he. Subsequently, whether does Mr Zhang have the suspicion that lends celebrity hype when reporter query when, mr Zhang expresses clearly, just serve as owner, he feels very helpless to developing the way of business, because this wants,uphold oneself right through legal approach. Mr Zhang tells a reporter, he can sue the 2nd pace development business.
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