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One flatlet is black your several 10 thousand graphic black intermediary " have
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Secondhand house price is in when the river rises the boat goes up too. The reporter interviews discovery, rise except normal element besides, a few illegal intermediary adopt " to have kind of price difference " , becoming disturbed and secondhand the " of " a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of room market, meanwhile, a few landlord are indirect also the ground is further the bad habit that black intermediary " has price difference " .

Dark visit

Before clinching a deal not infer landlord

Reporter last week in order to buy secondhand the room is a name, dark visited shop of some intermediary door.

"This house is very close spruce, still two people had seen this cover a house in the morning, you want to buy make a decision as soon as possible. You want to buy make a decision as soon as possible..

"The house is not bad, I whether chat with face of room definite idea. I whether chat with face of room definite idea..

"Come to be about to see speak to sb face to face with house-owner, which have house-owner so much time ah! This house house-owner already carte blanche we, look, the key is in my hand, you are at ease, when clinching a deal, we can let you and landlord meet for certain. We can let you and landlord meet for certain..

"The price or some are tall, whether again a few cheaper. Whether again a few cheaper..

"House-owner decides house price, we are regular intermediary corporations, among collection charge. Among collection charge..

"I still need to consider again. "I still need to consider again..

"If feeling appropriate, you can make the 5000 earnest money to 10 thousand yuan first, I am OK the house first detain comes down, wait for you two days, if want to buy, come over to sign do procedure about, if suiting, bail retreats you again. Bail retreats you again..

Look so be like the simple experience that buy a house, hide actually however mystery. Controller of inn of some intermediary door tells a reporter, existence is not the " defect " that dilettante place knows here: Do not let buyers and sellers meet, intermediary is OK wire-pulling house price.

Miss Wang marries recently, the plan buys around lotus pool secondhand room. She also is having similar experience. "Intermediary lets I and landlord meet far from, seeing a room every time is business personnel is getting me. The most unusual a thing is, some house within still is living to rent a settle or live in a strange place, business personnel knocks directly, still claim unexpectedly he is house-owner. This is secondhand room market but of really enough chaos! This is secondhand room market but of really enough chaos!!

Inside 1: "It is good to eat price difference " to be able to be earned tens of thousands of

The reporter visited shop of door of much home intermediary, discover " eats price difference " to be not individual phenomenon.
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