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For dodge a tax " make small house price " " conspire " do not accuse medium int
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Paying the deposit that buy a house 30 thousand yuan hind, be in when thing tripartite " make small house price " approach did not talk in order to save tax on the problem such as cost. The person that buy a house pays according to it no longer head pay, answer deposit to appeal to for all alone to the court. A few days ago, his requirement sells room person to return return deposit 30 thousand yuan lawsuit request, be adjudicated by the first instance that travel district court makes Min do not grant to support.

On October 6, 2007, money gentleman is passed 100 million amount to the tenth branch to buy Min Hang to foliaceous gentleman a house property on Ou Luoxiu road, tripartite was signed " estate is between two parties contract " . In the agreement in the additional provision of the contract, clinch a deal total prices 1.23 million yuan, bargainor leaf gentleman in one's hand valence 1.175 million yuan, both sides agrees with money of business contract main rooms to be 900 thousand yuan, money of the others house 330 thousand yuan, use the gentleman that it is a leaf to pay decorate all sorts of cost, electric equipment cost, tax cost, intermediary to serve cost, into trade the charge such as the center. Agreed at the same time will pay deposit 30 thousand yuan on October 6, the Fu Shoufu before October 20 paragraph 710 thousand yuan, sign the item such as contract of Shanghai estate business at the same time. With day, money gentleman paid a leaf the gentleman 30 thousand yuan serve as deposit. But money gentleman fails to will be pressed on October 20 pay about head pay. 100 million amount to a company to call money gentleman to undertake exchanging views to the company, but the company did not go after money gentleman picks up the telephone.

Return deposit for all alone, money gentleman appeals to to the court, the requirement is returned return 30 thousand yuan of deposit.

100 million amount to company argue to say, after money gentleman and its daughter saw room cause to the company, the company tells money sir, be about to buy this house, fund of house of requirement of landlord leaf gentleman is only in one's hand valence is 1.18 million yuan, pay by Mai Jiaxian head pay 710 thousand yuan so that building of bargainor pay off borrows money, money gentleman expresses to agree. For this, the company informs a leaf the gentleman goes to a company namely. After classics both sides talks things over, clear building assembly hands in valence to be 1.23 million yuan, foliaceous gentleman is clean in one's hand valence is 1.175 million yuan, all duty are expended by money gentleman burden. The contract price that at the same time money gentleman asks to trade the building is written it is 900 thousand yuan, so that save cost of one part tax for its. Foliaceous gentleman is consentient to this. Money gentleman paid 30 thousand yuan to serve as the deposit that buy a house. On October 9, money gentleman comes our company demand goes 1.23 million yuan by house total prices estate trades the center is dealt with trade formalities, ask duty is expended at one's own expenses. The company expresses to change contract content to need foliaceous gentleman to agree namely. Mr Danxie expresses different desire. Press between two parties contract, on October 20, money gentleman ought to pay head pay, but money gentleman did not pay, and refus picks up the telephone. Money gentleman fastens home remedy break a contact, reason asks to reject appeal.
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