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A few days ago, with respect to the CCTV " economy half hours " some state-owned bank Xinjiang of the report is divisional a business that builds road subbranch of a bank all right extends loan dispute case, this bank makes a response, state can serious thorough is checked.

Why can the loan dispute of an area subbranch of a bank alarm its head office? A what kind of business spread loan dispute to go up unexpectedly CCTV " economy half hours " ?

Time wants backdate to arrive September 2007. A loan that Fu Yongde of citizen of Xinjiang Yi peaceful city saw he is in a bank accidentally records record, archives shows, the Oriental garden business that he is located in Urumqi city at was being bought in September 2002 spreads shop of trader of mark of 3-59 of a building, have brushstroke 1.111 million yuan loan, there still is bad record twice above. The name is correct, id number is correct also, but this record makes Fu Yongde dumbfounded, because of the Yi Ning that he lives city is apart from Urumqi city to have 700 much kilometers, he himself goes rarely Urumqi, oriental garden this building dish it is to had not listened more.

Strange is, 5 years when from loan the record arises to be discovered by Fu Yongde, never somebody has made a telephone call to him, urge pay property administration fee, bank clerk also did not let him had returned a money. Stranger thing still is from the back, when checking on the spot Fu Yongde discovers, oriental garden does not have trader of mark of 3-59 of building of date of so called "1 to spread " at all.

The business of a fictitiousing zero is spread, was borrowed a yuan from the bank with Fu Yongde's name however, is the thing of such odd after all how happen? Fu Yongde arrives to examine and approve and extend the city of this bank Urumqi of this loan builds road subbranch of a bank to denounce a view, be rejected however. Be in its at a stand when, fu Yongde received a piece of house property suddenly to remove guaranty advice note, the loan that he shows above already was paid off on November 22, 2007, reimbursement person is company of estate of Kunlun of group of Urumqi city world.

What kind of person of company of estate of Kunlun of group of Urumqi city world also? What concerns again with this bizarre loan of Fu Yongde? Trade in Urumqi city house property center, fu Yongde examined way of the Yangtse River the development business that trader of mark of 3-59 of a building spreads 92 Oriental gardens is limited company of development of estate of Kunlun of Xinjiang world group, and property right person is this company likewise. Trade in house property center, fu Yongde still sees, understand a situation to construction road subbranch of a bank in him that day, company of estate of world group Kunlun signed an agreement with this subbranch of a bank again, fu Yongde's debt was given Kunlun estate company by move, and the autograph that there is him Fu Yongde on this agreement.
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