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Owner of garden of city of 10 thousand state cannot deal with card of small prop
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Pudong garden of city of 10 thousand state 5 period, 3 period owner cannot handle card of small property right, obtain compensate 17 million yuan, spot of court of Xu Hui district extended on October 17, 2006 the beach on the setting sensation of the first batch of penalty due to breach of contract. Afterwards 10 thousand state are official on July 25, 2007 to 5 period after owner sent advice note of conduction property right, the penalty due to breach of contract inside these two paragraphs of time will this year Spring Festival around extends to small or petty proprietor once more. "The 3rd round of appeal has 208 owner, extending penalty due to breach of contract is less than 17 million yuan, debt has been in court, spring Festival around can extend door. " the Makangnian's lawyer of office of attorney of combination of acting lawyer Shanghai told a reporter yesterday.

Genesis: Owner expires to did not get miscarriage card

The resounding place of this case depends on, the right of owner got cogent safeguard. Most owner thought fors the time being, won lawsuit to take money hard. On December 10, 2004, garden of city of 10 thousand state 5 period make a room (obtain promulgate " housing pay uses permit " ) hind, explode a miscarriage card incident. According to owner Mr Li introduces, according to contract provision, development business should be in obtain " housing pay uses permit " obtain inside 60 weekday since day build commodity estate authority card (produce evidence greatly) , again later sign with owner inside 30 days " the building hands over a book " , again later formalities of change the name of owner in a register is dealt with inside 30 days, owner explain the estate authority card that gets a house (miscarriage card) . Accordingly, at latest of group of industry of development Shang Mobang should deal with change the name of owner in a register with owner on May 10, 2005 explain receive miscarriage card procedures.

Because do not have miscarriage card, a few owner are faced with a building cannot buying and selling, registered permanent residence cannot ingoing, children cannot the problem such as go to school. Via talking things over, owner was not adopted appeal for help wait for ultra method, undertake legal thought fors the time being however -- penalty due to breach of contract of claim for compensation. In July 2005, office of Shanghai combination attorney Makangnian and Zhao Ming's lawyer acted as agent among them of 195 owner sue. The penalty due to breach of contract that court of Pudong new developed area adjudicates 10 thousand yuan to development business compensates for every 2-3, one obtains compensate at most 120 thousand yuan. But after the first round of lawsuit, miscarriage card and penalty due to breach of contract still disappear, then 319 owner had amount the 2nd round again lawsuit.

Progress: Lawyer discovery develops business superabundant money
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