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China is severe accuse land gate to insist to guard red line of eight hundred mi
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Xu Shao of minister of ministry of land natural resources history on April 22 thirtieth nine " world world day " during coming, emphasize particularly, china wants firm land adjusting control and superintend, stand fast red line of eight hundred million and ten mus of farmland. Enhance the specific aim of land adjusting control and effectiveness, hold adjusting control rhythm and strength.

Ministry of land natural resources released a few days ago " bulletin of natural resources of land of 7 years of 00 2 China " show, farmland of 7 years of 00 2 whole nations 1.826 billion mus, countrywide farmland reduces six hundred and ten thousand one hundred mus completely, farmland reduces speed hasten delay, situation still austere.

Xu Shao history is in " world world day " during coming, write civil point out, china's special resource national condition is: Farmland of average per capita is little, high grade farmland little, farmland is mothball resource is little. Farmland of Chinese average per capita has 1.38 mus only, 40% what be less than world average level. Development of resource of land, mineral products uses extensive to waste, aggravate state of insecurity of supply and demand of land natural resources, formed land to tighten the situation with tie and overall and insufficient capacity of safeguard of mineral products resource.

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