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Room look forward to is faced with new round shuffle from tight monetary policy
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Already managed in estate company from the effect of tight monetary policy show gradually in the activity. The near future, many plot of Shanghai clinchs a deal with auctioning base price, again many plot shedding is patted; The equity between estate company is made over intense; The concentration of estate company is spent taller and taller, viability is the strongest should belong to appear on the market room look forward to. Have expert prophecy, chinese room look forward to is new round shuffle had spread out, the amount of room look forward to reduces a year than a year.
Stringent loan is bad
Not long ago, look forward to of one domestic civilian barracks bought a sodden poop deck in Shanghai center, it is dish of work this sodden poop deck, this enterprise wants to make mortgage loan, borrow 3 to the bank 100 million, but ran early or late 45 banks, say to be spent without the forehead temporarily, this makes an enterprise impatient. The personage inside course of study is analysed, the bad loan that at present the bank begins to worry about this two years can arise to develop loan in estate this part, once develop the sale of business to return a money not free, bank loan faces a risk. Accordingly, do not wish to resemble again before in that way easily loan. In the meantime, development of estate of a few banks borrows money now examine and approve right specified amount to spend also tighten up somewhat, some will go up entirely March get a head office. Look forward to of this domestic civilian barracks tells a reporter about personnel, if do not lend a money again, can resell of will sodden poop deck.
A few days ago, the Central Bank go up again tone deposit reserve leads 0.5 percent, make deposit reserve is led litre to 16% . This adumbrative bank is put borrow more will discreet from close, the capital pressure that develops business will be increased further. Because bank loan is a lot of in the financing source with small development main business, bank cherish is borrowed will cause more and more development business capital to break chain. Have research personage speculation, the financing gap of industry of whole this year real-estate achieves 1 trillion yuan to major general, partial estate company closes down will be building city dish full inevitable final result.
Buy heat to take the land busy
A few days ago, one of domestic estate magnates denounce endowment counts the Jin Peng that protect interest, the project of apartment of golden the rank of nobility of the project of Shanghai Cheng Tangfu mansion of company of estate of the buy in purchasing Shanghai luck early or late and company of Shanghai Jin Juezhi estate. Nowadays, resemble such buying behavior is in estate market increasing.
10 thousand divisions also are in another tycoon 2 class market bought Changjiang Delta of short for Zhejiang Province early or late the rest of 20 % equity, acquire the equity of company of the estate below division of Hangzhou steel group with 1.005 billion yuan cost again, in addition, shanghai auspicious the project of cupreous hill street that big estate total value is as high as 3.3 billion yuan 60% rights and interests also by Shanghai 10 thousand divisions are bought, 10 thousand divisions still bid ground of project of 900 million yuan of Fang Binjiang in was being obtained, Shanghai the 60% rights and interests in project of outstanding international city. The real estate that enrol business criterion to Shekou industrial district with directional add the means of hair to buy its the multinomial estate assets of hold, buy involve fund 2.445 billion yuan.
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