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Shenyang enters decrescent of city commodity house set all area 85.24 square met
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This year first quarter, shenyang commodity house is covered all the area is 85.24 square metre, compared to the same period little 2.99 square metre.

The reporter understood from bureau of Shenyang city house property yesterday, this year first quarter, grow in quantity of house of the small family in Shenyang commodity.

Hold before this " 2008 spring estate reveals Chinese · Shenyang Fair " on, 81 develop 98 Lou Panzhong that the enterprise rolls out, minimum price already was 1750 yuan / square metre.

According to statistic of house property branch, every Lou Panjun that this second room hands in meeting ginseng to exhibit has more than kinds 10 door model can offer an alternative, among them function utilization rate of all ready, space is high door model sell most fire, some buildings dish rolled out 50 ~ the small family of 60 square metre, everything needed is ready of sitting room, study, bedroom, the small family in these building dish because have the characteristic such as practical, economy,become market heat, clinch a deal the amount is larger.

Cancelled to buy room privilege policy this year, but develop business " depreciation sales promotion " showed the room hands in the Hui Min characteristic of the meeting likewise.

According to statistic, the room hands in the sales promotion activity of the meeting to basically include a few fields: Low sales promotion, lou Panjun price of lowest unexpectedly low reach 1750 yuan / square metre; Roll out source of special offer room; Dozen lose sales promotion, the room hands in discount of the lowest on the meeting to already was amounted to 85 fold; Sales promotion of filling agree duty, partial development business rolled out the small family in buying model give 20 yuan / the policy of agree duty allowance of square metre.

Relevant controller expresses, spring room is handed in turn around set Liaoning mid city estate exhibits a stage, become exhibit meeting one large window. 25 buildings that come from the circumjacent city such as mouth of n, Benxi, battalion, Tie Ling dish join first exhibit, rolled out the different landlord such as courtyard of seascape, recreational, farmhouse to inscribe notional building dish, attracted large quantities of view to exhibit the eyeball of common people.

"We still will hold a room to hand in meeting make one's rounds to exhibit at the near future, bureau of Shenyang city house property and organizing committee develop constituent part estate part of company leave for different destinations mid city begins make one's rounds to exhibit an activity, with promoting Liaoning further mid city group estate market is interactive and harmonious develop. " this controller discloses.