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8 ministries and commissions again hair of market of superintend house property
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Go in house price situation of complicated and confusing when the mouth, 9 working groups that form by the 8 ministries and commissions such as housing and ministry of urban and rural construction set out again a few days ago go to the whole nation ten provinces city, order of superintend estate market is special punish works.

And this moment, arrive from March 2007 March 2008 one year period special repair work just just ends order of market of estate of whole nation of 8 ministries and commissions.

"This about beginning by a definite date one year new order of market of round of estate is special the announcement of punish, will allot March this year by 8 ministries and commissions. " a personage that is close to housing and ministry of urban and rural construction to " daily of the first finance and economics " express.

Superintend sets out again

This 9 working groups hurry off to ten provinces city, what check mainly is pair of estate markets the punish circumstance of each link.

According to the news that each district announces, will come 10 days on April 7, by the country industrial and commercial the teamwork work group that rights and interests of total bureau consumer protects bureau floorwalker to thank forest belt team checked Chongqing city share to build a project on the spot. After the examination, inspection team suggests to Chongqing, should strengthen commodity house business, intermediary to serve pattern contract to put on record superintend, effective keep within limits " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " .

Will come 10 days on April 8, the working group that by audit arrange audit of fixed assets investment manages vice director Lu Huasheng holds the post of a group leader examined state of Heibei Shijiazhuang, dark blue on the spot project of 5 real-estate of two city. Inspection team puts forward, heibei is existing to execute the law inadequacy of strength of strength weakness, punishment, supervisory system is not perfect wait for a problem.

Will arrive 14 days on April 11, lu Huasheng takes a team to turn go to Shanxi to save city of Taiyuan, carry to undertake checking.

On April 10, 11 days, the group of test of association that code of policy of total bureau of national tax Wu manages Cong Ming floorwalker holds the post of a group leader goes to Jiangsu province to undertake checking. In the light of Nanjing city " administrative power moves below sunshine " , " one room one price " system, suzhou city is built mutiple level practice and the experience such as housing safeguard system, inspection team shows, be worth summary of relevant government sector.

After Jiangsu examines an end, cong Ming takes a team to go to Zhejiang to check, city of meantime proposal lake dogs closely and analyse the condition that estate vicissitude of the market develops, cultivate the market effectively, health of stimulative estate market, stable, orderly development.
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