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Build ministry official: City of 183 ground level ever was carried " build inter
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Recently, the member that build a chief engineer Wang Tiehong to send superintend of urban and rural program in the ministry expresses on pilot job informal discussion, cities of 200 above of many ground level have 183 to once had put forward to build the tentative idea with metropolitan internationalization.

A few cities tear open a lunar month of 30 days greatly to historical block at will, destroy historical culture structure and block even, the whole nation has city of quite a few in famous city of 109 histories culture different level land got " constructive destroy " .

Wang Tiehong points out, some cities for capital attraction, not hesitate violate plan approval to be in national landscape scenic spot area of area core scene is built-in and villatic, cause a large number of nature and culture to landscape degrades quickly and disappear. Return some to vie each other in urban construction, corrupt beg ocean greatly, ground of waste man power and money is done " figure project " , some still caused a society to stabilize an issue.

Wang Tiehong expresses, these phenomena are banned repeatedly more than, from certain level report gives a few local government to ignore program gravity sex and authority, the problem that disobeys legal limits of authority and program to adjust approval of town planning, do sth without authorization to undertake building at will already very outstanding, the health that affecting urban and rural construction badly develops, also damaged party and government the authority in people, must try to check effectively.