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Transaction of price of house of high end of domestic big city or flow into quic
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Current, the dollar goes weak to appreciate with the RMB continuously the trend is accelerated, this two big factors are attracting gold of more condition foreign capital to swarm into China quickly. Gold of condition foreign capital flows into China continuously, high-grade residence rises in price in large to near future home city produced very big effect.

So, why can gold of condition foreign capital choose to enter market of estate of domestic high end? Look in the author, the dollar depreciates to appreciate with the RMB accelerate a trend, and the dollar depreciates bring about input inflation pressure to increase, anticipate in inflation changeless big setting falls, the main investment argument that these elements make gold of condition foreign capital enter market of estate of domestic high end.

Above all, the dollar depreciates continuously the climate is constant, it is the policy of weak force dollar that pursues with the United States is concerned. Be in second after borrowing crisis happening, beautiful couplet store took the comfortable sex that lowers interest continuously monetary policy, american government also adopted policy of outspread sex finance, both and collective go to weak force dollar situation have very big effect. One of results that the dollar depreciates are the inflationary pressure that increased American economy oneself, but also outputted inflationary pressure to the whole world at the same time.

This basically reflects in: It is take dollar of main gaze at, because the money supplies the inflationary pressure that expand and increases,those states that have revaluation latent capacity are faced with. Because, element of favorable balance of trade, and the dollar depreciates bring about capital to flow into revaluation country, make these countries appreciate to prevent this currency rate is too rapid, must increase operate strength to the policy that sells a dollar, the result is the foreign exchange reserve that increased these countries (namely corresponding money is supplied) , monetary dilate brings about the inflationary pressure of these countries too quickly to increase ceaselessly.

It is the dollar depreciates continuously, make price of international heavy goods is climbed continuously litre, if international oil price rose recently,exceeded 110 dollars, rice price also rises quickly etc. The abidance of price of international heavy goods is climbed litre, raised the manufacturing cost of global commodity, also increased global inflation risk thereby.

From analysis of input inflation angle, since this year, china besides be faced with outside coming from in-house inflation pressure, weak force dollar also increased at present inflationary pressure of China.

Next, weak force dollar makes the benefit difference between current RMB and dollar expands further. Come round to look from eye, the dollar goes situation continue fatigued and weak, the RMB appreciates show accelerate a trend, the benefit difference between China and United States expands further, brought about gold of condition foreign capital to accelerate thereby flow into China.
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