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The welfare of accumulation fund enjoys be in distress not to let its reduce " f
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System of housing accumulation fund is system of safeguard of a kind of housing, it is a kind of form that housing allocation money changes, the housing accumulation fund that the unit puts for worker pay is the component of worker pay. Let crowd of more low income be resided somewhat for safeguard, ought to widen further the use channel of housing accumulation fund, make the citizen hires a room to also can employ accumulation fund.

A survey makes clear civilian change center: Although capture of month in and month out is expended, but apply for the person that accumulation fund loan buys the crowd scale of the room to occupy capture to expend only every year two 3 into. And press existing " regulation of housing accumulation fund " , the worker is buying housing only, from, emeritus, repay below a few kinds of circumstances such as principal and interest of the loan that buy a house, ability draws housing accumulation fund. This is meant, buy the low income family of the room and estate of firewood of average worker worker feebly in great quantities, face the house price with high empty, from go up at all the chance that lost use housing accumulation fund, housing accumulation fund coverts reduce " fixed bankbook " , just can cash after the worker is retired only, take out entirely. This changed the safeguard function with housing due accumulation fund infirmly on certain level. And this one " fixed bankbook " the bank interest that accrual still plays under coequal circumstance far, the worker will suffer profit loss for this.

The data shows, utilization rate of accumulation fund of our country housing wanders in 50% ~ all the time 60% between, nearly 200 billion yuan accumulation fund is in dormancy condition. The dormancy of many housing accumulation fund, this is the serious waste of natural resources of a kind of society actually. Appear this kind of circumstance, because our country is current,be on one hand house price is really exorbitant, the estate of firewood of average worker worker that serves as the brunt that buy a house is bought feebly at all. Also design existence blemish with system of accumulation fund of our country housing on the other hand, scope of application is too narrow about. The more rich, more capable to buy the person of the room, exceed the advantage that can enjoy housing accumulation fund; The more the impoverished, person that cans not afford a room more, cannot enjoy the welfare of housing accumulation fund the more. Pardonable somebody criticizes housing accumulation fund to already became wealthy person club gradually, aid rich and not good deficient.

We should like to ask, pay the much that did not have chummage or chummage to hold income when a person, where is the requirement that is He Lai bought or improves housing again? When be not being protected without Qian Zhi disease, life when a person, does housing accumulation fund have He Yiyi again to him? Accordingly, I think to make low income family and individual conditional in one part ground extraction gives housing accumulation fund, use at resolving the real difficulty in production, life, it is human nature of housing accumulation fund is changed, the need that turns management scientificly and inevitable choice.
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