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Hair change appoint: Should let low income family live to rise to rent a house v
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Face current house price to rise the state that pressure increases, national development and reform committee put forward, should manage economy strictly applicable housing sale price and cheap hire housing hire standard, make applicable housing price and cheap hire economy economy of family of low income of housing hire and city supports ability photograph suits.

The country develops innovation appoint was opposite a few days ago when house price circumstances undertakes an analysis, point out, price of 2 quarters house rises this year pressure is increased, valence whole will maintain countrywide room to rise blandly trend.

Hair change appoint put forward from this, adjust live to supply a structure with the ground, strengthen estate market to superintend, exert oneself resolves difficulty of housing of family of urban low income.

In addition, each district should build perfect city cheap to hire housing system further, escalate cheap hires the safeguard limits of housing, reasonable and affirmatory cheap hires housing to ensure object and safeguard level, cogent fulfil cheap to hire housing to ensure capital, much channel increases cheap to hire housing room source. In the meantime, each district should be improved and normative economy is applicable housing system, reasonable and firm economy is applicable housing builds a standard, normative economy is applicable housing supplies an object, appear on the market strictly buying operation. To be restricted house price, be restricted to cover model the sale price of general goods housing, each district should execute a government clearly to coach valence manages, according to the one certainty ratio that is the same as character house price under periphery, reasonable and certain top price.