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Liaoning: Estate business does not attend a society to be sure to cancel to bid
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The reporter saves labor and understanding of social security hall 24 days to arrive from Liaoning, liaoning province publishs a regulation recently, estate is developed and endowment insurance and the unit that capture expends always did not join lawfully in building construction company, will be cancelled to invest a project to bid mediumly in the government qualification.

Come nearly 5 years, liaoning bldg. achieves total production value 760.9 billion yuan, residential complete 138 million square metre. It is reported, estate development and building construction company induct obtain employment of 120 much people every year, among them the majority is versed in for the farmer. But investigate discovery, quite development of one part estate and construction company did not give a farmer to be versed in the society such as conduction endowment insurance is sure formalities, not lawfully cost of pay endowment insurance.

According to introducing, the range of endowment insurance enlarge that Liaoning developed recently is special the action, it is breach with the industry such as building, service certainly, defend action through normative enterprise ginseng, the key solves farmer contract work and the private enterprise that are located in villages and towns to reach its to keep a problem from the ginseng of personnel of course of study.