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Price fixing room appears on the market trade cost soars squeeze an investment s
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On April 15, beijing is built appoint release " housing of commodity of Beijing price fixing explain buy domestic income, housing and asset admittance standard to reach already bought housing of price fixing commodity to appear on the market trade the announcement of exemple of filling double ratio " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) . This policy appears on the market again to price fixing room made strict provision, this regulation makes price fixing room sells cost raises greatly, the personage inside course of study is analysed, this will squeeze an investment sex effectively to buy demand.

" announcement " in regulation, already bought price fixing room to be in building droit proof is full after 5 years, ability can sell according to market price place buys housing, and want price of house of pay general goods and difference of price of price fixing house the money of land accrual equivalence of 35% .

"Catenary home is landed " deputy total Jin Yosong expresses, although the photograph of cost of trade of early days buy of price fixing room than below very low, but will look from this one regulation, of later period offer cost very will tall. In order to buy the price fixing room of 3 banners is on the west exemple, price is 6350 yuan / square metre, floor area is in 508 thousand yuan in the price of price fixing house of 80 square metre, sell after 5 years, suppose after 5 years on the west price of housing of general goods of a sector of an area of 3 divisions area is 12000 yuan / square metre, both price difference is in 80=45.2 of × of 12000 × 80-6350 10 thousand yuan, the money of land accrual equivalence that needs pay is 35%=15.82 of 452 thousand yuan of × 10 thousand yuan, to investment kind the loss outweights the gain consumer, this squeezes the investment demand that gives price fixing room effectively, reflect its to ensure sexual characteristic.

In addition, jin Yosong thinks, although the admittance doorsill of price fixing room is opposite inferior, ensured what buy a crowd for the most part to pay ability, collected the money paid for something purchased or received for something sold such as high specified number to control investment demand effectively again at the same time, make comparative demand of one part tigidity got satisfaction, but as a result of its door model be less than 90 square metre, main concentration to be in individual and typical area, supply the objective element such as census register of finite, limitation, its are relatively finite also to the concussion of market of whole house property.