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Big house of " of estate development business changes small " to bind sell a roo
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From " ground king " frequency arrives now " stream pat " happen frequently, have development business even " return the land " , market of land of Fuzhou, Xiamen was shown between around half an year " glacial fire is double day " picture. The graph is center of the Fuzhou City of a sell one's own things 3 years ago use at estate development to use the land, but also did not see development business begins construction up to now build a house.

A few days ago, business of development of a few estate will cover the Fuzhou City greatly door model commodity house, factitious ground " tear open " into two therein small family, bind sale together again. This kind " with be being changed greatly small " bind sell a room strange phenomenon backside after all under cover what mystery?

Big house " change " small bind sell a large estate develops business to was in Fuzhou much home a few days ago media is released " buy large family of 96 square metre, send 33 square metre small family " open to booking advertisement. What say in advertisement " buy send greatly small " building dish be located in advance of the Fuzhou City to bring way of Ou Fufei north. The reporter heads for this building dish ministry of carry out building, a Liu surname manager gives an introduction building enthusiasticly to cover to the reporter model ichnography book.

The reporter reverses plan book see, after an area is computer of the large family of 130 much square metre classics to edit, by " cut " became an area to be 90 much square metre and two houses of 30 much square metre respectively, among them the house of 90 much square metre is " 2 rooms 2 hall 1 defend 2 balconies " , the house of 30 much square metre is " 1 room 1 defend 1 balcony " .

The reporter feels puzzled the ground asks: "This two flatlet are to handle card of a house property, be still card of two house property? You can be bought apart? " Liu manager replies: "What this two flatlet do is card of two house property. We do not sell apart, must bind together buy. " the reporter asks again: "Be to have card of two house property, why cannot sell apart? What I want to buy a 90 much square metre only is enough. " " what the newspaper before we are opened to booking permissibly goes up is two flatlet, those who take also is card of two house property. The two flatlet of the picture on graph book are same actually big. " be afraid that the reporter is not believed, liu director says, use a pen with respect to conveniently the 90 much square metre in graph book and 30 much square metre two flatlet joining together " picture " together.

Change those who come out " amount to mark " the room hides mystery " with be being changed greatly small " bind sell a room to not merely this one. A when be located in road of Beijing University of area of drum-tower of center of the Fuzhou City to go up building that is about to seal a top dish also be in dark travel this law. Ministry of the building that occupy carry out staff member introduction, this Lou Panyuan undertakes designing building by many 120 house originally, but to finish governmental make known to lower levels " commodity house is built to count gross control to be in under 90 square metre 70% above " target, develop business must many former 120 big house, changed many 170 of present " amount to mark " room.
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