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" of high-grade office building walks along Shen Cheng " gives energy-saving pio
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"Walk up! " this word becomes Shenyang nowadays the pet phrase of white-collars of a few high-grade office building. A lot of company staff energy-saving bring into trifling matters of everyday life in -- elevator is abandoned to walk along stair in new office division, reduce the utilization rate of office facilities, enter with real operation " energy-saving times " .

Abandon elevator white-collar changing climb stairs

Although be in high-grade office building to handle official bussiness, but Cui Kai of banking Wu manager already " leg " move go upstairs a many month. Although climb to nod asthma from time to tome to 10, but he thinks, below the situation that perhaps needs to accompany visitor without urgent matter, everybody chooses to climb stair to go upstairs as far as possible, this exercises not only, insist for a long time to return managing and many energy resources.

On April 24 10 when, the reporter is in when the edifice is interviewed, the Cheng Jingyin that is located within the developing zone of Shenyang finance trade that north stands discovers all right, by this building elevator, corridor is indifferent " life depends on motion energy-saving depend on the action " , " motion is healthful hope you walk along stair more " the sign that waits for model of written characters.

The reporter left a heart to observe a little while, in sending 11 staff members that encounter now, choose of 6 person selected climbs stairs. "Go! " a staff member that climbs a building says, "Computer watchs before often sitting in desk everyday, write a thing, should organic meeting still move? Now, a lot of people nurturance the habit that fluctuation building walks along stair. A lot of people nurturance the habit that fluctuation building walks along stair..

Business affairs gift is hit " energy-saving card "

"Energy-saving in us the company becomes fashion, conscious energy-saving the trend place that is people future lifestyle. " Ms. Wang that works in circumference edifice tells a reporter, "I should go there and back at layer and two 4 6 branches for many times everyday with a lot of colleagues, think carefully, if be on two floor every time each, sit elevator fluctuates, bad news can be quite big. Touch on height of stream of people, the time that expects elevator is long still, when be inferior to province climbing a building convenient, still can take the chance to exercise. Still can take the chance to exercise..

Not long ago, the investment information company that Ms. Wang is in installed energy-saving lamp to change original floodlight, it is faucet of toilet switch type newlier inductive type faucet. She says, the managers of each enterprises inside property company and building sign energy-saving proposal recently, into be stationed in an enterprise to be answered actively, the client that helps oneself even shares sign one's name together. The reporter sees this company put suit of cup of paper of metallic chopstick, fold and manual of energy-saving conduct propaganda. "This is the gift that the company gives a visitor. "This is the gift that the company gives a visitor..
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