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House price upsurges stock market push ahead vigorously buries next hidden troub
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The closest period of time, in pairs of city of stock market building appears " pour spring chill " . Stock market respect, finger height stage dives all the way mad have diarrhoea, shanghai points to drop defeat 3000 bits of col, time of only half an year, for a time the bovine city of infinite scene suffers cutting sb in two at the waist; Building city same haze is enveloped, clinch a deal low fan, having Chinese reforming and opening " bridge tower city " the Shenzhen that say, house price falls a level a year ago, wait-and-see mood of whole floor city is very thick.

Beyond question, have go up have drop, go up drop each other shows, any healthy markets can follow this one pattern. Besides, city of building of hope stock market is swelled not to drop only or view government intervenes directly the market and helping city also is not quite actual. The author just wants to remind concerned branch here, answer to pay close attention to danger of gigantic gale of two city queasy hidden closely.

In recent years, city of our country building advances triumphantly, covered many issues; Like building city, of the stock market soare steep fall also make the same score steady healthy progress to bury next hidden trouble for our country economy.

3 years two short time, many urban house price broke up more than. Be in when the people with not little amount to turns 1 million down to into multimillionaire because of owning house property, the building city of arise suddenly drops in temperature to more or less let them unaware, produced some kind to premonition bodefully with worry. Current, the phase of refuse to budge that building city is in much emptier bilateral rich to weichi. Although national statistic bureau was announced recently data shows, countrywide house price rises to still be as high as 11% first quarter, but certain city already appeared callback impetus.

Be in Shenzhen for instance, industry discloses, price of the house between half an year already dropped 20% - 30% ; A few otherer the city also has depreciate considerably sales promotion phenomenon, explain the building that develops business is very bad to sell; Be in Beijing, clinch a deal to drop compared to the same period first quarter 36.1% . From the point of the whole nation, clinch a deal greatly under level of historical the corresponding period already was not to dispute a fact. Building city goes sign is very subtle.

Should see, when building city is general and hot, the government can take the land of a high price, collection counts the gold of land sell one's own things with astonishing specified number and relevant tax cost, the bank can earn the benefit difference of high specified number from inside credit; The person that buy a house can sit enjoy house property to appreciate brought profit. And building city once phasic happening changeover, of be the first to be affected is the safety of bank and financial system.
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