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Carry out market occurrence become divided via comfortable Fang Xinzheng 7 suffe
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Applicable to already buying economy room is in appear on the market of policy carry out, make secondhand economy is applicable of the room trade the quantity is affected, drop 15% .

Beijing is built appoint release " about already buying economy applicable housing appears on the market trade the announcement of concerned problem " (the following abbreviation " announcement " ) will carry out formally on April 8. New politics since executing, secondhand economy is applicable room market appears to change apparently, not full economy of 5 years is applicable the room must not appear on the market, prohibit transfer ownership. The house property of this type takes whole economy of applicable room gross 7 into the left and right sides. That is to say, the economy that nearly 7 is become is applicable the room is affected by policy. In the meantime, the differentiation phenomenon with also appeared 5 years certain via comfortable room market completely.

7 suffer an effect via comfortable room into the left and right sides

According to Central Plains the statistic of department of 3 class market, if from mix 5 years completely not full applicable room place takes economy of 5 years in light of scale, beijing is not full applicable room should take economy of 5 years 7 into the left and right sides, because this has that is to say,7 become house property can be affected by policy.

Beijing Central Plains duckweed of palace of vise general manager analyses department of 3 class market, from economy the distributinging area of applicable room project looks, 3 the city zone with most project are stage of the rising sun, abundant and Haidian respectively, occupy gross respectively 32.84% , 26.86% with 11.94% . Accordingly for the angle from gross, new politics bigger to impact of these 3 extent.

Village of applicable to a few new economy room (it is entirely inside the village not full economy of 5 years is applicable room) for, new politics will be deadly to the influence of this kinds of village, because be inside period of time (the first batch of house property are full 5 years ago) this village trades nonexistent market freedom.

In economy respect of applicable house price, full already 5 years secondhand applicable house price has economy ascendant trend, because of 5 years of less than secondhand economy is applicable the room cannot be bought on free market. At the same time owner also waiting for a house to just move 5 years completely, and the share is full already economy of 5 years is applicable the room falls in uptodate state, take economy only of applicable room gross 3 into. Accordingly, be in new politics below the influence, secondhand economy is applicable total supply can reduce the room somewhat, and its a sector of an area is nice, price existence advantage create demand (right full already classics comfortable room of 5 years) continuously bigger state does not have a change, predict to be brought about finally full price of applicable room room meets economy of 5 years those who have 5% is small are climbed litre.
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