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Proposed introduction of public rental bargain
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Proposed that the government issued the bargaining power of public rental, the price per square meter per month in the 5-10 yuan. Can bargain lots and indoor facilities. So why should I mention it, because I was no housing, a 4 to rent in the private house of 80 square meters, the monthly rent is 1,800 yuan (water, electricity, coal is not included), I have to spend big part of the retirement pay, it is Burden too heavy, serious impact on the quality of life, I wanted to in 03 years to sell my small set of private houses of 38 square meters, into the set, but then straight up house prices, could not afford. Now according to my economic conditions, the root The fail to get low-cost housing and affordable housing treatment, into my heart. So I suggest that the introduction of public rental negotiation, on the one hand to solve my financial burden, improve quality of life, on the other hand can also contain Unlimited intermediate and homeowner prices. Please also look at the relevant government departments must manage the rental price of private houses, China's socialist market economy system must have a certain price, not to speculators there are loopholes. No rules, no standards.