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Chongqing to build public rental corrosion wall
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Criminal record of embezzlement, bribery or bribery of the units will not participate in the construction of public rental Chongqing. Recently, Chongqing City Construction Investment Company, the Fifth Branch of Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate, and the construction of public rental units with the Independent Commission Against signed contract to jointly build public rental "corrosion wall." Arranged according to the Chongqing municipal government, 3 years, the city of Chongqing will invest 30 billion yuan investment to build about 1,000 million square meters of public rental. Faced with such a "large amount" of projects, corruption has become a Bukebufang problem. According to the Independent Commission Against the contract, in determining the construction of public rental flats before the main building in Chongqing City Construction Investment companies must file to the Procuratorate for bribery inquiry, to know whether the bribery convictions related units, a criminal record of the units will be "a veto . " In addition, the Fifth Branch of Chongqing's Procuratorate of public rental construction will be based on the situation, through legal advocacy and other active prevention of such crimes. City investment company while overseeing not allowed to be easily identified on the design or specification changes, and timely project cost control.