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High rental prices in Beijing the North drift "Youth 6400 yuan made" egg "goes
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Last night around 7:30, the streets of Beijing a lot of people have put down jacket, Dai Haifei the "egg" small room, thermometer showed 4.4 ℃. Daihai Fei, 24 years old, just graduated six months. Using the company's design creativity, he made of bamboo create a "egg" house, as his dwelling. The company is located in Daihai Fei Cheng Rd, Haidian District, a large yard, the company downstairs, a hut like a giant egg, stand on the lawn. House to two meters high and sacks makes up the skin. "Shell" on the oval were pulled out of a door, no lock. Below the hut, equipped with wheels, can move. Compiled by the bamboo hut, the outermost is the insulation layer makes up sacks, sacks filled with sawdust and grass seed fermentation, "in the spring, which grass can grow to." Dai Haifei introduced. Egg-shaped cabin furnishings simple, one of about a meter wide bed. End of the bed in possession of a water tank, pressure inside the system, you can put up pressure for washing purposes. "One can probably tank water for three days, the company ran out to pick up." Daihai Fei said. "Rental in Beijing, the price makes me unbearable." Daihai Fei said, so he borrowed more than 6400 yuan with the cousin of money, using the company's design concept and built myself a house this egg.