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Low-rent housing residents to the toilet to wear a hat or a dirty drop of water
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"For a long time, we have to wear a hat on the toilet, or dirty water will drip onto his head." Yesterday, Huangshan City, east of low-rent housing residential area 5 109 rooms, said Wang Guoqing, a serious leakage of his house, and even clothes are moldy. Reporter visited found that the district four have been living in the low-rent housing widespread leakage. Wall leakage of the residents home, wardrobe moldy, moldy clothes followed. Wang Guoqing of Huangshan City in 2008 was admitted to residential areas east of low-rent housing, which is assigned the second batch of low-rent housing tenants, with 4 and 5 two buildings. The first point is a home and 2. Each building can accommodate 54. Residents said most of the houses currently the 4 block of flats has been accommodated. "I have a disability, living arrangement in a building, the rent is not high, less than 50 square meters to 10 0 yuan." Said Wang Guoqing, a good residential environment, a property management, and his heart to thank the good policy. However, Wang Guoqing stay long, but found that leakage in the bathroom, upstairs a water leak to serious. Dirty water infiltration is down, often falling back of the neck and face. Shared bathroom and room walls are leakage, resulting in closet mildew, damp and moldy clothes for perennial. The area 2 of Ms. Fan said that the four storeys of the leakage is a common phenomenon. Yesterday, the reporter went to the courtyard, Tunxi District, Huangshan City, east of Hollywood Road, low-cost housing area, in four buildings visited by nearly 20 residents, all complaints are leaking toilet and the wall. Room 109, Building 2, Fan Qixia, said her home as long as the water upstairs to severe leakage had started swipe with lime, but useless. Unit 1, Building 5, Room 101, on Xu Fu said the old man came to see the property has been sent, on December 3 after reading plumbers, masons that can be resolved, then made no people in charge of. Cheng Huilan home residents also kept with the bad tap, tap is very light, thin metal special. Many residents said, when submitted to the faucet security of poor quality, did not take long to wring out. Residents said some houses have taken the property, but the one and two of the part of the housing is still leakage, 4 and 5 are generally not solved the problem. Residents repeatedly reflected both the defendant informed treatment, but no reply. They want to control leakage as soon as possible, so peace of mind for the New Year. Households that rent really cheap low-cost housing, but the house should not discount the quality of ah. It is reported that low-rent housing in Huangshan City, east of the city's residential real estate is the direct management of the Authority, a total of 10 floors, of which four have been delivered, which is above 4. Yesterday, the council housing management Keyou chief told reporters that housing authorities had also received a reflection of the council-owned property management company had a house and two were anti-leakage Process. "There may be a small number of residents not to stay or not at home, so it did not all deal with." Youke Zhang said that it mainly reflects the 4 and 5. He said the housing authority has decided the two storeys of the leakage of the recent thorough treatment. "Residents of the wall reflects the leakage problem is houses are not on the concrete floor measures taken to prevent leakage, all of this to solve all the housing problems."