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Rent fight is the most frequent theft "fratricide"
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"Find someone sharing, had wanted to save some money. Oh, great, the money did not save, but lost 2 million yuan." Speaking of this, 25-year-old Liu really worried. A few days ago, Ningbo Crane theft occurred. Liu is suspected of stealing the money the victim of her co-tenant Wang. After the incident, Wang disappeared. The investigation, Wang's identity is false, it brought to the police and no small difficulty. Police investigators said the theft from behind in this is a topic of concern must: fight rent. Crane Police data show that: This year in September to 11 months, renters in the theft fight, there were more than 20, most of which are "Huoqixiaoqiang." Another group of police data show that under the weight of high prices, rent fight has become a choice for many people. Like Oriole, Crane Village, residential rental housing in the "fight rent" even more than the proportion of 80%. Game times the money to fight rent Not know each other, but to live under the same roof, sometimes mixed sex, life will certainly be a lot of inconvenience, in that case, why hire so many people choose to fight it? "Who does not want a live, free, like what to do. But no way, ah, do not fight rent, employees have earned all the money thrown into the rent." Liu, 25, said she, a tea house in the abundance When the waiter, when I first came in Ningbo, rented a single apartment, light the monthly rent will nearly thousand dollars, equivalent to a monthly income of 7 percent or so, I feel very difficult. Then she saw a fight in the online rental of the post, this is now live, the rent as long as 600 yuan, then immediately sent money, moved in. Live here, she knew, it was not to contact her landlord, but a tenant Zhang. Zhang rented by the price of 1,800 per month this Sanshiyiting house, and then turned into a 4 bedroom, 4 people were leased. In this way, he can earn 600 yuan a month rent. According to police briefing, we often say this is the "head tenant", "through such a shift the, it was not only to save his own share of the rent, and even make a fortune." "Not only is the tenant, and now you have to do this a lot. They rented to low-cost house from the landlord, then open the sub, in the middle make the difference." I know that many people in the rental house, for peace of mind, all entire house is available to the intermediary, which gives you the opportunity to open the sub. Rent a romantic spell and traps An apartment, live in four young men and women know each other, in the after life, suffering hardship and entrepreneurship after the emotional spark clashes with each other ... ... this is a hit TV series a few years ago, "white-collar apartment," where , tells of a place in the story between the rent fight. In reality, the fight no shortage of tenants is also a romantic idea that men and women. Unfortunately, this is not common romantic, on the contrary, some people are using to fight this mentality of the tenant trap design, deceived things occur. 29-year-old boy Li Sichuan fight is such a tenant until the rent fight woman quietly disappeared, the phone can not get through, he realized that this is a trap. Li worked hard in Ningbo, a five or six years, and now a hardware factory in Yinzhou as technical director of the workshop, the wages of 4,000 yuan each month. He rented a house in Takahashi, 60 square meters. Factory long working hours, a very narrow circle of his life, every day life of almost two line, has still single. By chance, he heard through the sharing may be able to find a suitable partner, and he issued through the intermediary of a sharing of information: requires young, unmarried women. A week later, a girl to fight rent. The girl who said she was in Yinzhou set to work in a restaurant in Hong Kong. Although girls are not beautiful, but quite diligent, almost take the house cleaning and other chores health. Rest of the time, girls will be sisters to the house with several small meals. So many years of single life, Li tasted enough of the taste of loneliness. Rent after the fight, someone to talk to, he felt more fulfilling life. Over time, the girls began to borrow money to him in bursts. For various reasons, refused Li embarrassed every time is very straightforward. About two months ago, the girl called home, his father was seriously ill, hospitalized for surgery, borrowed 5,000 yuan to Li. Two days later, when Alan came home from work and found the girls had walked out on her own things are all removed. Li each other's phone calls, show off. He went to work in the restaurant to find the girl, who naturally did not find. Li is very upset and thought that you can find the opposite sex sharing a romantic one, the result been fooled before and after to lend her more than 1 trillion yuan has failed to be implemented. "Fratricide" More and more Information from the police report showed that the rent fight was triggered by various types of theft is a clear upward trend. November 12, crane police station received a report: at 21:00 on November 10 around the village in a block on the king in a narrow room, living with roommates while the machine was not at home parties, pilfering steal one of their on the table gold ring, worth 26,700 yuan, and found the registration status of Tenants fight is fake. Two days later, another crane police station received a report: On that day around 4 pm in the Village, a block on a crane room, bedroom, living with roommates on the parties to steal the bag of a bank card. Go to the bank inquiry found that the parties had been removed 3.5 million (previous withdrawals, the password had been roommates seen). The end of November, it was the "110": in Yinzhou Gulin Li Yu Jia Qiaocun West Lake area of a room, fight the Tenants stole his bank cards, and take the card deposit. Select the "fight friends" have their eyes open Rent fight is not only prone to theft class security cases, also made the tenant disputes headache. The second half of this year, only Crane area of "110" received more than 300 causes platform to "fight rent" law and order problems caused by the dispute. After analysis, the most important because of the contradictions and disputes between tenants living habits, living caused by different laws. In addition, heterosexual conflicts are much more likely to fight rent. In this regard, the police remind the majority of tenants fight, fight Tenants choose, try, and who are familiar with their own students, colleagues fight rent, try not to fight people who are not familiar with rent; from the Internet, you find the fight rent information to What is the landlord to know each other or "head tenant", the best landlord respectively, signed an agreement to fight the Tenants, and as far as possible rental contract, rental agreements spell written detail. Rent fight, be sure the landlord would like to confirm the true identity of the Tenants fight to defend their interests. Rent fight for the opposite sex, it should carefully verify the identity of each other to prevent potential pitfalls. Rent during the fight, not in the room put a lot of cash, jewelry and other valuables, bank cards, ID cards should not arbitrarily without being prosecuted, we must make security measures. After the recall for rent lock core, valuables before going to bed to his own room, locked the door.