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[Beg hire] building of Shenyang Dong Ling
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City: Shenyang area county: Hill business encircles east: Dong Ling
Hope area: Dong Ling
Room: 0 hall defend 2 rooms property type: Multilayer residential front:
Floor area: Floor: Informal hire: 700
Period of validity: 3 decorate level: General
Infrastructure: Water, report
Equipment circumstance:
Water and electricity is all ready, important is traffic goes to the lavatory. Two rooms or of 3 rooms do not have other requirement. Of price moderate
Contact information
Number of intermediary enterprise interior: 1028 news source: Individual
Contact: Yan Dong notes:
Connect a telephone call: Phone: 024- extension date: Mobile phone: 13940022594
Email: Lanhaibei4@163.com