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[Beg hire] Shenyang is big east building
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City: Shenyang area county: Big east trade group:
Hope area: Big east
Room: 0 hall defend one room property type: Residence of small high level faces towards: South
Floor area: 40 floor: 5 hire: 400
Period of validity: 15 decorate level: General
Infrastructure: Water, report, gas / natural gas, central heating
Equipment circumstance: Air conditioning
The left and right sides was entered on September 12, 2008, 30-40 smooth left and right sides goes, building site is 150, 214 extend way with 286 buses or near terminus! The building faces south, winter heating is close friends! If my condition accords with your requirement, contact with me please!
Contact information
Number of intermediary enterprise interior: 4039 news source: Individual
Contact: Wang Qun

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