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[Beg hire] building of Shenyang emperor aunt
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City: Shenyang area county: Emperor aunt business encircles: The Yellow River
Hope area: Emperor aunt
Room: One hall defends one room property type: High-level residence faces towards: South
Floor area: Floor: 1-5 hire: 450
Period of validity: 15 decorate level: General
Infrastructure: Water, report, gas / natural gas, central heating
Equipment circumstance:
The desire hires distant of emperor aunt area to come greatly between boreal hill, father-in-law road comes between Qi hill road cell, perhaps arrive street wicket town (can live person) , beg only low-cost, reject medium strictly, and period of efficacy comes October 28, 2008, there is room cause before this but the phone gives me, after this date a message be no longer in force, please not again faze.
This person condition: Female 40 years old, take boy of one junior high school, belong to accompany read, without socialization of without fixed duties, beg only go to school close, this family all is all ready, rent utensils can be not configured inside the building, but cell should have gas of water and electricity and central heating, retail sales but need not all ready
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