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[Rental] 6 rooms one hall
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Area: Hill business encircles east: Fontal garden
Property address: Abstruse body center east type of hundreds of meters of buildings: Apartment
Hire house price: 300 yuan / lunar property name: Heating is good, 300 yuan enter news source: Individual
The room that rent a house: 6 rooms 1 hall 3 defend 1 hutch head: Floor of north and south: In all 18, the 18th
Floor area: 141 usable floor area: 131 decorate a circumstance: New clothes is repaired
Infrastructure: Water, report, gas / natural gas, central heating, cable television, ADSL room age: 1
Traffic situation: 291, 238, 224, 276, 118, 150, 152, 214 traffic inquire
The furniture inside rental room: Shower of hot water of air conditioning of freezer of phone color television implement furniture
Pay hire pattern: Make 6 months pledge a month
Lease room time the least: The day enters time: 20081001 whether to see a room at any time: Yes