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The opposite sex closes hire an old practice: "4 peach blossom of of cohabitatio
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One, the ground that seeks house stay

"Amanda, to me the office comes. " 2 bosses " report is enrolled " .

"Amanda, you come to a company had had two months. Nevertheless, hum, report of a few staffs says you call in time going to work seek a room. Hm, this affected the working atmosphere of our office, and with our company whole ' Professional ' figure is not accorded with. And with our company whole ' Professional ' figure is not accorded with..


The commencement that burns with righteous indignation after a week will be complete sweep the floor us from the dormitory go out. But the future renting a house of this young lady is very confused still.

At the moment my one great cherished desire is after coming off work reincarnate " invisible person " , also need not consider the issue of the ground of stay again so.

The specific tears of blood about seeking a room history, I plan to have a lengthy speech or article additionally, here leave out. Anyway, finally, armour of senior fellow apprentice gave me the telephone call of second of senior fellow apprentice, say he may have a few information.

Fierce of name of second of senior fellow apprentice brights, sound is in the phone very of on wings letting a person -- should get a such as " grave " " magnetic " the good vocabulary of and so on. We agree to meet on the weekend.

We decide a plan formerly, it is You Wuwei guides me to look for in the village that he stays in now appropriate. Appropriate house did not appear in right time, and air of one hall as it happens gives the two rooms that he himself rents. Wu Wei claims him plan moves closer from the company place after a month, I can move with him first, wait for him to take away seek fine partner again additionally.