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Hire Fang Yi job: Live together to did not seek a range in January an article ap
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I and female neighbour " live together " a month, did not see a face finally, become forever regret. Nevertheless, I still want to say to female neighbour: "I thank you sincerely! ' live together ' the sense is really good, although do not have a predestined relationship to meet, but the success of the motive force that you brought me living joy, life and job, I am met forever engrave. "

To cooperate the working arrangement of the company, my village around the unit rented suite, saying well and truly was to rent 1/2 suite. Astute landlord a 2 rooms the house of one hall rented two apart, before me already occupy female white-collar of a foreign enterprise. Two rooms, living at the same time female neighbour, living at the same time I lone, the opposite sex " live together " the day began so.

The sitting room is public section, besides an an old color television, sofa a tea table, it is a few vases. Although the sitting room is decorated very palletly, but the idea that still can see host. I can't help wanting, female neighbour is a girl in the benefit outside show certainly, have a pair of very artful hands, still have the individual character of gentle goodness.

Think the female neighbour with oneself makes a call all the time, what still look forward to to have beauty even is colourful encounter happen. But, female neighbour ases if however the world evaporates kind, had never appeared before me. But neat sitting room, kitchen and closet, still have the female clothing and other articles of daily use that there is water on the balcony, indicate the presence of female neighbour however. Such feeling is a bit strange, as if the clue of type talking about fast, let me feel curious impatient, want to see the truth of sth. of female neighbour very much.

I did not achieve what one wishes, instead I and female neighbour meet without period. Actually, the reason that creates this kind of situation is very simple, I and the time that female neighbour works are abhorrent. Go out before my dinner, late night two just came back at 3 o'clock, the face that female neighbour is a model however 9 evening 5 mode. When I go out, she did not come back, when coming back, she is however in sleep, I expect meet can postpone again and again, become small regret.

Although did not meet with female neighbour, my habits and customs begins to change however, dress begins to tell collocation and grade, still used expensive man perfume. Before going out everyday, I can smile to the mirror, taking good intention affection to begin his work next. I am imagining the hour that oneself and female neighbour meet, the hope can leave a good impression to her, "The sunshine schoolboy that this neighbour is a Shuai Shuai " .

But, of I and female neighbour meet and did not come as scheduled. One day, I couldn't help eventually, leave a piece of scrip on tea table, "Neighbour young lady: Hello, move 3 weeks to did not see a face, I come back ahead of schedule today, the hope can make a call with you. " did not think of, I go to work, immediately " wind and cloud is choppy " , I am arranged temporarily the other place is away on official business, and it is to set out instantly. The scrip that I leave does not know female neighbour sees not, even if sees the person that I also became scrip to break one's promise, met my wishful thinking. After coming back, the company because I am close paragraph of time performance is good, arrange to me no longer at odds time going to work. And I also retreated the building that lease, begin to pack a bus everyday, go to court 9 evening the class of 5.
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