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Beautiful season girl and netizen hire a room to live together rely on thieve to
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Year only girl of 16 years old, one is known to press down the man that Wu is versed in in Tuan of Sun Jia of link green division when chatting on the net, subsequently, the girl from lacteal hill midday pole go to somewhere for shelter this man, 2 people hire a room to live together, because the life is short of money, the girl extends both hands to all round dweller, final by coop jail.
The villager reports a case to the security authorities, one girl jumps wall into room

On November 12 afternoon 4 when make, old Liu of villager of village of sanded nest of town of Tuan of Sun Jia of link green division is clearing away a thing inside house, hear a courtyard suddenly in " pit-a-pat " one noise, see a girl only from courtyard wall jumps into the courtyard on the west inside. Old Liu Da cries: "Stop! Are you dry what? Jump for what does the wall take my home? " see a man comes out inside central room, this girl is small head, twist a head to want to go outside from the gate. Laoliu takes skill chance quickly, to place police station of frontier defence of Home Sun Tuan reports a case to the security authorities.

In public act shamelessly, the girl pretends faint

The policeman hurries to old Liu Jiahou, little girl says she is surnamed only forest, also do not start to talk again later. Ask its when the policeman whether when the thing of theft Home Laoliu, she is blubber. The policeman makes his " accept investigation to police station with us! " the girl lies on the ground instantly, make the false appearance of faint intentionally. But attentive policeman discovery, lin Mou lies on the ground, have sth in mind of narrow one's eyes peeks the policeman's every act. Policeman in a stern voice rebuke, want its to rise rapidly, carry its to police station otherwise. Hear this word, the girl the ground climbs ability at a leisurely pace.

Live together with the netizen, rely on thieve to live

Inside police station, lin Mou is first with policeman roughhouse, keep silence to the policeman's inquiry again then. Villager old Liu tells a people's police, look according to a moment ago was in his home " lively " villager report, this girl hires a room to live in the village.

The policeman is taking Lin Mou to hire a room to be in an examination to its. Be in place of Lin Mou that rent a house, policeman discovery, on the head of a bed and cabinet, placing women's the article such as charger of handbag, book, jeans, mobile phone. Villager old Liu found his missing thing. Face numerous material evidence, lin Mou lowers his head cry bitterly, the illegal fact that enters room theft property for many times to oneself is admitted.

Occupy Lin Mou to tell, she this year 16 years old, it is lacteal hill city midday pole presses down some village person, september, get online talk about climate and the man Zhou Mou that press down some enterprise to work in Sun Jia Tuan to be acquainted. In October end, lin Mou tells father and mother, want town of Tuan of power sea Sun Jia to work earn money, come Zhou Mou of go to somewhere for shelter. 2 people pressed down sanded nest village to hire a bungalow to live in Home Sun Tuan. But Zhou Mou has 700 multivariate salary every months only, 2 life work is very short of money. Lin Mou works without the road, extend both hands to the villager all round. Do not be in inside two weeks time, turn over a wall 3 times to enter neighbor one-storey house, reach Home Laoliu twice among them thieve.
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